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10 Heart Chakra Mudras for Healing and Transformation

10 Heart Chakra Mudras for Healing and Transformation

Heart-opening hand mudras are powerful techniques that help heal, balance, and open the Heart Chakra, also known as Anahata or the Fourth Chakra.

In this article I cover what hand mudras are, the top 10 mudras for the Heart Chakra along with steps on how to practice them correctly, and the powerful benefits they offer.

What is the Heart Chakra?

The Heart Chakra is the emotional center in the spiritual and physical body that governs compassion, forgiveness, trust, and unconditional love.

It is located in your chest, close to your physical heart. Connected to the water element, the Anahata Chakra is often associated with the color green. 

Maintaining the vitality of this chakra is crucial for optimal physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

When your Heart Chakra energy is balanced you can tap into the empathy and compassion within you and this can support healthy relationships both with yourself and others, and lay the foundation for spiritual peace. 

When your Heart Chakra is blocked however, you can become distant, emotionally volatile, manipulative, fearful, intolerant, anxious, and depressed.

heart chakra location
Heart Chakra location

What Are Heart Chakra Hand Mudras?

Mudras have been used for hundreds of years in ancient yoga traditions and spiritual practices. 

Hindu and Buddhist iconography depicts Hindu deities and Buddha using mudras. For example, a common representation of the Buddha shows the Vitarka Mudra (gesture of discussion) formed by joining the tips of the thumb and index finger.

Over the years, mudras have carried over into Indian disciplines and spiritual practices like therapeutic yoga sessions, dance, meditation, and rituals.

These sacred hand signs were developed as a way of concentrating energy in different parts of the body. By directing and channeling energy to specific energetic centers through the finger tips, they inspire mental states that uplift consciousness and foster personal growth.

Heart mudras have a tangible effect on the Fourth Chakra by allowing you to unlock emotional pains and energies stuck in the heart. Consistent use gently opens up your emotions and can be truly transformative.

Using mudras for the Heart Chakra can empower you to embrace life’s inevitable ups and downs, live from the wisdom of the heart, and be a beacon of empathy and tranquility. 

The Science Behind Mudras

Modern research also agrees that these beautiful hand gestures have a subtle but measurable effect on the body, brain, and mind. Holding a specific mudra signals the brain to fire up the parasympathetic nervous system in that part of the body, promoting energy flow and healing.

The nerve endings in the fingers connect to different organs and parts of the body, so activating them with mudras can balance the autonomic nervous system and stabilize your energy and emotions.

Top Mudras for the Heart Chakra

Let’s take a closer look at 10 effective hand mudras that heal and balance your heart center:

1. Anjali Mudra (Salutation Seal) 

Known as the Salutation Seal or Prayer Hands, Anjali Mudra is a beautiful gesture that can open the heart and release a deep sense of gratitude.

To perform Anjali Mudra:

  1. Bring your palms together in front of your heart in a prayer position
  2. Keep your palms and fingers pressed together
  3. Let your thumbs gently rest against your sternum/breastbone
  4. Close your eyes if you wish. You can also breathe in the word “thank” and exhale “you” if it feels good.
  5. You can perform this mudra seated in meditation or in a yoga pose such as Mountain Pose (Tadasana)

Salutation Seal is often used in Solar Plexus Chakra healing too as it is said to awaken personal power and confidence. 

2. Padma Mudra (Lotus Seal)

The Padma Mudra (also known as the Lotus Flower Mudra) is a beautiful and sacred mudra that symbolizes purity to open the heart center.

It’s a good gesture for grounding you while also uplifting your heart. It is also believed to help overcome feelings of inadequacy, sadness, and loneliness.

To practice Lotus Flower Mudra:

  1. Bring your palms to meet
  2. Keep both edges of your hands pressing together – along the pinky side and the thumb side
  3. The base of your palms should be pressed together as well
  4. Separate and peel the rest of your fingers apart from each other like a blooming lotus flower
  5. Hold the mudra at the heart center or draw your forearms together and lift them above your head to open the back of your heart

This popular mudra is also useful for supporting the Sacral Chakra and unleashing your inner creativity. 

padma mudra
Padma Mudra

3. Prana Mudra (Life Force Seal)

Prana Mudra is a beneficial gesture for the whole chakra system. This magic mudra is simple to perform and energizes the subtle body which can support all your chakras, including a balanced Heart Chakra. 

To practice Prana Mudra:

  1. Bring the tips of your ring finger, thumb and little finger together. These fingers represent the elements of water and earth which harmonize when connected with the thumb. 
  2. Keep your middle finger and index finger straight. These two fingers are the elements of space and air and their extension supports the flow of energy around the body. 
  3. Hold Prana Mudra with both hands simultaneously, while keeping your arms and shoulders relaxed.

4. Ganesha Mudra

Ganesha Mudra is known as the remover of obstacles. Practice his mudra to unblock anything preventing your heart space from fully opening.

This position is also said to be good for the Third Eye Chakra as it can remove blockages standing in the way of your inner guide and insight. 

To practice Ganeshs Mudra:

  1. Bring your left palm facing outwards near your heart
  2. Reach your right palm in front of the left with your thumb facing upwards
  3. Now clasp your hands tightly together creating a claw shape
  4. Keeping your fingers interlocked pull your hands apart gently while keeping the tension
  5. Relax and repeat 5 times and then reverse palm positions
Ganesha Mudra
Ganesha Mudra

5. Anahata Mudra

As the name suggests Anahata Mudra tunes directly into the energy of the Heart Chakra. When performed, this gesture creates a symbolic geometric shape of a 12-sided heart.

It is believed to unblock energy channels to activate and harmonize the Fourth Chakra. 

To perform Anahata Mudra:

  1. With straight arms out in front of your torso, clasp your hands together
  2. Cross your left thumb on top of your right thumb
  3. Now extend and weave together your fingers into a heart/diamond shape
  4. Take several deep breaths, focusing on your breath flowing in and out of your heart center

6. Apan Vayu Mudra (Heart Mudra)

Known as the Heart Mudra, Apana Vayu Mudra has been used for thousands of years to promote heart health in the physical body and subtle body.

Regular practice has been shown to lower blood pressure and even help with heart palpitations and angina.

Here is how to practice:

  1. Sit comfortably with your legs crossed
  2. Rest both hands on the knees with the palms facing upwards
  3. Bend your index fingers towards the base of the thumbs
  4. Touch your thumbs with your middle and ring fingers
  5. Keep your pinky fingers stretched out
  6. Sit restfully breathing slowly and deeply
Heart mudra
Heart Mudra

7. Hridaya Mudra (Heart Gesture)

This powerful mudra is a popular choice for Heart Chakra healing as it is believed to help with releasing stress and anxiety as well as unblocking emotional pains. 

Practice this gesture whenever you have a lot weighing on your heart. 

To perform Hridaya Mudra

  1. Bring your index close to the root of your thumb
  2. The thumb should then join the tips of the middle and ring fingers
  3. Keep your pinky pointed straight
  4. If you’re performing this mudra during meditation, bring your hands to your knees with your palms facing up

8. Kapittha Mudra

This powerful mudra of the heart opens up the connection between the heart and the physical body, which can be beneficial both for yourself and your connections with others.

To perform Kapittha Mudra

  1. Form a fist
  2. Next, draw your thumb right in between your index and middle finger
  3. If you’re performing this mudra during mediation, you can sit with both hands in this mudra or bring your left fist to your heart and your right to your pelvis

9. Pushan Mudra (Nourishing Gesture)

As the gesture of nourishment, Pushan Mudra opens your heart to give and receive love and compassion. It can help alleviate feelings of isolation or loneliness, and it is also believed to rejuvenate the vagus nerve that runs through the heart. 

Here’s how to perform Pushan Mudra:

  1. Face your left palm outwards in front of your chest
  2. Bend your right arm back with your palm facing out behind you
  3. For the left hand, bend your left thumb into the center of your palm, then close the two fingers in the middle over the thumb
  4. For the right hand, bend your right thumb, then close the index and middle finger over your right thumb
Pushan Mudra
Pushan Mudra

10. Shankh Mudra (Conch Shell Gesture)

Shankh Mudra mimics the shape of a conch shell which was traditionally blown during sacred rituals. The spiral shape activates life force energy to move in a spiral motion from your Root Chakra, right up to your Heart Chakra.

It is useful for overcoming energetic blockages and promoting gentleness and a sense of calm. 

Here is how to perform Shankh Mudra:

  1. Sit comfortably with a straight spine
  2. Bring your hands in front of your chest with your fingers open
  3. Cross your left thumb under the right palm facing upwards
  4. Now bend all the fingers inwards into a fist
  5. The left thumb should poke out slightly between the crossed fists

The Benefits of Heart Chakra Hand Signs

There are plenty of reasons to incorporate sacred hand signs into your daily life, including:

Physical Benefits

Mudras have been shown to have several benefits for the human body. They can

  • Boost blood circulation and heart health
  • Calm the body and reduce inflammation
  • Improve sleep quality
  • Support the healthy functioning of several parts of the body including glands, lungs, thymus gland, shoulders, arms, hands, and diaphragm

Emotional and Mental Benefits

The Heart Chakra is key to our emotional body. Balancing this center can:

  • Balance mood
  • Reduce fears or anger rooted in the heart
  • Increase empathy and joy.
  • Break down energy blockages that could prevent you from experiencing love and compassion
  • Boost mental clarity and cognition
  • Support inner peace and gratitude

Spiritual Benefits

The Anahata Chakra bridges the lower chakras (Root Chakra, Sacral Chakra and Solar Plexus Chakra) concerned with your physical world with the spiritual chakras (Throat Chakra, Third Eye Chakra and Crown Chakra) connecting you to the divine. Balancing your Heart Chakra can:

  • Bring a greater sense of purpose or understanding of dharma (life purpose)
  • Transcend the ego to access enlightened states of bliss and sense of unity
  • Bring a sense of harmony and inner peace which supports spiritual development

When to Use Heart Mudras

The great thing about mudras is how versatile they are – you can experiment with using them in a variety of different situations and with lots of different spiritual practices. These include: 

Chakra Yoga

Yoga practices, particularly Hatha or Vinyasa, provide a wonderful opportunity to integrate heart-focused mudras into your existing flows and postures.

You can use them at any point during seated, supine, or resting postures. For example, during back-bending heart-openers like Camel Pose, Upward Bow or Wheel try using the Hridaya Mudra to magnify the heart benefits. Or in seated forward folds/hip openers or Bound Angle Pose interlace your fingers into Lotus Mudra above your crown.

Even in Balasana (Child’s Pose) you can form Shankh Mudra with your hands resting under your forehead to relieve stress.

Yoga is an inward journey so don’t worry too much about getting mudras perfect – let your intuition guide you to what feels good. Let these sacred hand gestures deepen your understanding and experience with each practice.

Chakra Mantras

Mantra chanting is a highly effective way to tune into a chakra’s vibrational frequency. When paired with correlating mudras it produces even deeper awakening and activation within the energy center.

The Heart Chakra bija (seed) mantra is YAM. Chant it aloud or silently to yourself while holding a gesture like Hridaya Mudra or Lotus Mudra over your heart.

Feel the vibrations resonate through your core as you chant the mantra with awareness of your Anahata center blooming open like a lotus flower.

Heart Chakra Meditation

During a Heart Chakra meditation is a perfect time to use mudras. Next time you sit down for your regular meditation practice, rather than letting your palms rest in your lap, try a simple mudra such as Lotus Mudra. 

Interlace all your fingers except the thumbs. Press your hands gently against the center of your chest over your heart. Breathe slowly and deeply allowing your whole torso to expand with every inhalation.

Visualize a glowing emerald green orb at your heart center filled with luminous light. Send loving vibrations to your heart, body, and emotions with each breath.

Affirm “I open my heart to heal, give and receive love freely.” Feel the release of negative emotions as you welcome positive states of joy, empathy, courage, and emotional freedom.

Try practicing for 5 to 15 minutes. If you’re new to meditation, why not follow a Heart Chakra guided meditation like our video below: 

Heart Chakra guided meditation

Closing Words

Mudras for the heart are simple yet powerful tools that hold all kinds of benefits from managing anxiety to healing emotional trauma, and enhancing spiritual connections.

With a little patience and daily practice, your hands truly hold the power to open your heart and change your life in transformative ways. 

Combining other spiritual practices such as meditation and yoga can make your chakra mudra journey all the more enriching. 


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