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210 Chakra Affirmations (+ PDF Download)

210 Chakra Affirmations (+ PDF Download)

Affirmations are powerful tools that can help us shift our mindset. In this article, we present 210 powerful affirmations for the seven chakras. 

By using these affirmations regularly, you can balance your chakras and cultivate a sense of harmony within yourself. Don’t forget to download our chakra affirmations PDF.

What are Chakra Affirmations?

Chakra affirmations are powerful statements that when repeated regularly can help us connect to our chakras and balance our energy. You can think of chakra affirmations as mini mantras which you can add into your daily life to help you work on a particular chakra. Chakra affirmations typically refer to the emotions or attributes of the specific energy center you’re working on.

For example if you are working on your Root Chakra, then you might recite an affirmation to do with stability and security, such as “I am rooted to the Earth and filled with its grounding energy.

How do Affirmations Work?

Affirmations involve using positive statements to change negative thought patterns and move us towards a more positive mindset. Repeating positive statements on a regular basis, creates new neural pathways in our brains which reinforces self believe and positive thinking.

When we focus on a particular chakra, these new positive thought patterns can help us connect more deeply with our chakras and break down the emotional barriers that could be blocking our energy centers.  

Positive affirmations have been scientifically proven to support our mental health. Studies show that they help reduce stress and even manage anxiety by promoting a more positive outlook on life.

Which Chakra Should You Focus on?

The chakra you should focus on depends on your specific needs and goals. Each chakra is associated with different physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects, and the best way to determine which chakra to focus on is to identify which area of one’s life needs improvement.

For example, if you feel worried and insecure then you may be suffering from a Root Chakra imbalance. Whereas, if you feel lonely and disconnected from others then it might be that you could really benefit from some Heart Chakra affirmations. 

Affirmations for the 7 Chakras

Have a look at these positive affirmations for the 7 major chakras. 

1 Root Chakra Affirmations for Grounding and Stability

  1. I am safe.
  2. I have supportive relationships with my family and friends.
  3. I am loved by others.
  4. I accept myself.
  5. I am valued.
  6. I am connected to the Earth and its grounding energy.
  7. I am stable and secure in myself.
  8. I have confidence in my abilities and trust my intuition.
  9. I have everything I need within myself.
  10. I have faith in my skills.
  11. I live in the present.
  12. I am connected to my physical body.
  13. I listen to my body’s signals and rely on its intuition.
  14. I am open to trying new experiences.
  15. I let go of fear and anxiety.
  16. My human body is the foundation for life.
  17. I have a strong support system around me.
  18. I appreciate the opportunities and experiences that life provides me.
  19. I am connected to the grounding energy of my Root Chakra. 
  20. I acknowledge and accept myself without any conditions.
  21. I acknowledge and accept my past mistakes.
  22. I let go of all self-judgment and criticism.
  23. I practice kindness and compassion towards myself.
  24. I take care of myself with love and attention.
  25. I acknowledge and experience my emotions fully.
  26. I prioritize my safety and security. 
  27. I have love and acceptance for myself just the way I am.
  28. I respect my sacred body. 
  29. I have everything I need to build a happy life that brings me joy.
  30. I have the ability to achieve extraordinary things in my life.

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2 Sacral Chakra Affirmations for Creativity and Passion

  1. I feel comfortable expressing my creativity.
  2. I acknowledge and trust my desires.
  3. I am open to experiencing pleasure and joy in all aspects of life.
  4. My relationships are based on love and acceptance.
  5. I accept and embrace all aspects of myself without judgment or shame.
  6. All emotions are accepted in this space, regardless of their nature.
  7. I am comfortable expressing my sensuality without hesitation.
  8. I establish healthy boundaries to ensure my emotional well-being.
  9. I respect my sexuality.
  10. I allow myself to experience pleasure without any feelings of guilt or shame.
  11. I deserve to be loved and appreciated.
  12. I have confidence in my creative abilities.
  13. All emotions are valid and worthy of respect.
  14. I allow myself to explore all aspects of my identity.
  15. I handle challenging emotions by practicing kindness and compassion.
  16. I am open to receiving love and abundance without any restrictions.
  17. My body is a source of energy that connects to the Universe.
  18. I acknowledge and embrace all of my emotions and feelings.
  19. I am able to explore my sexuality in ways that bring me joy.
  20. I feel connected to the vitality and energy of my Sacral Chakra
  21. I am open to exploring new possibilities.
  22. I prioritize and respect the needs of my body.
  23. I believe I am deserving of a fulfilling and balanced life.
  24. I acknowledge and accept my emotions with love and understanding.
  25. My relationships are built on mutual trust and respect.
  26. I let go of any fear when it comes to expressing myself creatively.
  27. My emotions are valid, even when they may not be logical.
  28. I welcome joy and beauty in life.
  29. My sexual energy is strong, positive, and deserving of recognition.
  30. I am open to giving and receiving love without any judgment. 

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sacral chakra affirmations
Sacral chakra affirmations

3 Solar Plexus Chakra Affirmations for Confidence and Willpower

  1. I can accomplish anything I focus my mind on.
  2. I have a sense of confidence and strength.
  3. I am capable of handling any challenges I encounter.
  4. I have worth.
  5. I feel energized and positive.
  6. I feel the flow of invigorating energy through my Solar Plexus.
  7. I have a sense of pride in myself.
  8. I deserve good things.
  9. I possess a strong sense of persistence and determination.
  10. I have self-respect.
  11. I am determined to create the life I desire.
  12. I make decisions with assurance.
  13. I am deserving of love and respect.
  14. I possess the ability to transform.
  15. It is possible to overcome negative thought patterns.
  16. I am content in myself. 
  17. I maintain clear boundaries with others.
  18. I possess a deep pool of confidence within me.
  19. I possess limitless potential.
  20. I have an impact.
  21. I have the ability to overcome my fears.
  22. I am content with myself as I am.
  23. I am following my own journey.
  24. I maintain authenticity within myself.
  25. I have the ability to pursue my dreams.
  26. I can take charge of my future. 
  27. I have a strong sense of satisfaction in the work that I do.
  28. I have many skills and contributions to offer to the world.
  29. I possess a strong inner strength.
  30. I display a sense of calm and positivity.

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Solar Plexus Chakra affirmations
Solar Plexus chakra affirmations

4 Heart Chakra Affirmations for Love and Compassion

  1. I believe I am worthy of love.
  2. I acknowledge and embrace my own identity.
  3. I am willing to experience love.
  4. I deserve genuine, unconditional love.
  5. I accept and embrace all of my imperfections.
  6. I am filled with positive energy from my balanced Heart Chakra.
  7. I welcome supportive and balanced relationships.
  8. I appreciate the support of those who have been by my side.
  9. I am open to receiving love, kindness, and friendship.
  10. I welcome loving relationships.
  11. The mistakes I make are part of my growth and progress.
  12. I desire to experience happiness.
  13. I am prepared to find enjoyment in life.
  14. I value the blessings in my life.
  15. I am grateful for the wonderful life I am living.
  16. I have a deep connection with nature and all living beings.
  17. I am clearing my mind of negative thoughts.
  18. I am making progress in my life.
  19. I am willing to let go of any obstacles that hinder my success.
  20. I am moving on from the difficult experiences in my past.
  21. I have a positive outlook on my life and future.
  22. I often encounter love in my surroundings during my daily activities.
  23. I am open to receiving love.
  24. I believe in love as a guiding principle in my life.
  25. I am filled with love and compassion.
  26. I maintain a harmonious relationship with people and the environment I live in.
  27. I have chosen love completely.
  28. I view myself and others with compassion.
  29. My heart emits a pure energy that promotes healing.
  30. I have an unlimited supply of love that will never run out. 

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Heart Chakra affirmations
Heart chakra affirmations

5 Throat Chakra Affirmations for Communication and Authenticity

  1. I am able to express my thoughts and feelings confidently and easily.
  2. My voice is strong, clear, and powerful.
  3. I express my opinions honestly and respectfully towards myself and others.
  4. I am skilled at effectively expressing myself.
  5. I can tap into the energy of my balanced Throat Chakra
  6. I rely on my inner voice to express my needs and desires.
  7. My words have a strong impact, and I choose them carefully.
  8. I acknowledge and express my individual viewpoint sincerely.
  9. I communicate my beliefs confidently.
  10. I feel at ease expressing myself in any situation.
  11. I have a voice, and I choose to share it with the world.
  12. I have the ability to listen attentively and give others the opportunity to freely express themselves.
  13. I communicate clearly, kindly, and compassionately.
  14. My words have a positive impact on those around me.
  15. I release the fears and judgment which prevent me from freely expressing myself.
  16. I have confidence in my ability to express myself and have my thoughts heard.
  17. I believe in truthful communication. 
  18. The Throat Chakra enables easy self-expression.
  19. I communicate words of love, encouragement, and positivity.
  20. My expression is creative and unique.
  21. My opinions and ideas are listened to and treated with respect.
  22. I appreciate the ability to speak.
  23. I possess words with the ability to heal and transform.
  24. I effectively communicate with clarity and precision.
  25. I believe that my voice has the ability to convey divine guidance and inspiration.
  26. I am willing to accept and listen to constructive feedback.
  27. I am able to express myself confidently and assertively.
  28. My voice is a tool for promoting peace and harmony.
  29. I feel confident when speaking in public and sharing my message with others.
  30. My words have the power to bring about positive change in myself and others.

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Throat chakra affirmations
Throat chakra affirmations

6 Third Eye Chakra Affirmations for Intuition and Insight

  1. I rely on my intuition when faced with uncertainty.
  2. I have clear perception and cognition.
  3. I have a strong, open, and clear mind.
  4. I possess mental strength and resilience.
  5. I rely on my intuition to make sound decisions.
  6. I trust my intuition to guide me.
  7. My intuition is able to see beyond what is visible.
  8. I have an inner power which I may not comprehend yet. 
  9. I release anything that obstructs my inner guidance.
  10. I have a mindset that is open to all possibilities.
  11. I have an open mind and a desire for truth.
  12. In every situation, I value authenticity.
  13. I trust my intuition and believe that I can handle anything that comes my way.
  14. Everything I need is within myself.
  15. I possess insightfulness, intuition, and imagination.
  16. I am observant, thoughtful, and perceptive.
  17. I have a highly capable and imaginative mind.
  18. My imagination is extensive and limitless.
  19. I find great excitement in my boundless imagination.
  20. I value and appreciate creative and imaginative thinking.
  21. I have the freedom to dream beyond the limits of my physical reality.
  22. I let go of uncertainty and embrace the energy of my Sixth Chakra.
  23. I am in harmony with my true self.
  24. I am aligned with my purpose.
  25. I trust in the divine energy of my Third Eye
  26. I have faith in what the Universe has in store for me. 
  27. I acknowledge and welcome my personal growth.
  28. I am open to the signs from the Universe that appear in daily life.
  29. I acknowledge my intuition and have confidence in my journey.
  30. I have access to my inner guidance system.
third eye chakra affirmations
Third Eye chakra affirmations

7 Crown Chakra Affirmations for Connection and Enlightenment

  1. I rely on divine wisdom for guidance in life.
  2. I believe in the power of love and healing energy from a higher source.
  3. I possess a strong and clear intuition that enables me to make wise decisions for myself.
  4. I am provided with unlimited resources in every aspect of my life.
  5. I am open to receiving knowledge and blessings that will help me express myself fully.
  6. I believe that the Universe will offer all the guidance and infinite wisdom I need. 
  7. I prioritize my spiritual connection and spread peace and light to others.
  8. I believe I can connect with a higher power and manifest my dreams into reality.
  9. I have the potential to attract positive energy and abundance into my life.
  10. I have unconditional self-acceptance and love for every aspect of myself.
  11. My Crown Chakra is a source of peaceful energy. 
  12. Spiritual energy flows through me, creating joy and balance in my life.
  13. My belief system enables me to have confidence in the precise timing of everything.
  14. I let go of fear and doubt, enabling me to embrace the beauty of life.
  15. I believe in my connection with the Universe, and find peace through my higher self.
  16. I am guided by my Seventh Chakra, which gives me clarity and understanding.
  17. The healing energies of the Universe nurture my spirit.
  18. Sacred divinity is a source of strength and courage during my journey of self-discovery.
  19. I prioritize my spiritual health.
  20. My connection to Spirit soothes my heart and calms my soul.
  21. I trust in the power of the Universe to bring balance to my life.
  22. I possess a strong and resilient spirit.
  23. I am grateful for the blessings in my life, as they help me on my spiritual journey.
  24. I am capable of following my spiritual path without fear of judgment or criticism.
  25. I rely on my inner spirit to guide me through life’s challenges.
  26. I experience a sense of inner peace and contentment as divine love flows through me.
  27. I am willing to explore new experiences that can help me reach my full potential.
  28. The wisdom of the divine gives me guidance during challenging times.
  29. My strong sense of self provides the basis for my personal growth and development.
  30. I have faith in the natural progression of life, recognizing that every moment holds its own significance.

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Crown chakra affirmations
Crown Chakra affirmations

How to Practice These Chakra Affirmations

Choose a powerful chakra affirmation that resonates with you and the chakra that you want to rebalance. You can also come up with your own, just make sure it’s positive and in the present tense as this can have a greater impact on your mind.

You can say affirmations any time that suits you. Some people like to say them first thing in the morning to set a positive mindset for the day. Alternatively you can say them throughout the day whenever you need to reconnect to your chakras. Remember to say them slowly and clearly and preferably out loud in order to help the words sink into your mind. 

It can also be a good idea to recite positive affirmations at the beginning of a chakra yoga practice or a meditation practice as they can help focus the mind. Whatever way you choose, be patient and stick with it as it can take time to change your outlook and remove negative thought patterns. 

Recite Your Way to Balanced Chakras

Affirmations are a simple but effective way to heal your chakras and support your mental wellbeing. Simply choose an affirmation from this list and get started! 



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