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5 Wellbeing Tips From Chakra Healers

5 Wellbeing Tips From Chakra Healers

Top wellbeing experts and chakra healers share their spiritual wisdom

At Chakra Practice, we cover all kinds of different wellness habits and practices that you can use to balance your energy centres and achieve spiritual growth.

But with so many options, which should you choose? We’ve asked 5 top chakra healers and professional energy healers to share their go-to wellbeing habits.

5 Chakra Healers and Their Wellbeing Tips

From the ancient wisdom of dancing to access bars, read on to discover new habits to boost your wellbeing and personal power. 

Vanya Silverten

Vanya is a Master Energy Healer and Teacher

Top Tip: Tune into the Divine

“As an energy healer and teacher I have to ensure my connection to the divine is strong and clear. As a creative I need to create spontaneous moments throughout the day to connect, celebrate, communicate and have gratitude for the divine. Throughout the day I usually light a candle, say a prayer, do some embodiment exercise to open my field to receive more light, have a dance, listen to devotional music, meditate and regularly have baths like a ritual to honour the divine in me.”

Vanya Silverten

You can follow Vanya on Instagram @vanyasilverten and learn about her courses on her website

Anna Wacker

Anna is an advanced Reiki Healer and Sound Healing Therapist who combines energy healing and vibrational therapy using Tibetan singing bowls to assist the body in realigning and balancing the Chakras.

Top Tip: Dance like nobody is watching!

“Chakras are energetic vortexes located in different places in the body. Sometimes due to difficulties in life these energy centers can become stagnant, closed or blocked. When they do we experience different imbalances in the physical, emotional and energetic body. My top tip for balancing the 7 Chakras is to dance like nobody is watching. Tune up the volume and allow yourself to dance like your body wishes to! No matter how strange, weird or beautiful it might look or seem to the outside world, moving according to your body’s needs will help you tune into feeling where your chakras (and energy) is blocked. A blockage in one of the chakras can feel like a knot in the body, a tension that feels hard to release or numbness in the area.

Once you move intuitively and become aware of where the blockage of energy-flow is, continue dancing and breathe into the area whilst moving. This will help set you free, open your chakras and the flow of your chi (life force energy)! Dance, like nobody is watching, for 10 minutes every day, and feel your body shift, your energy flowing and your intuition awaken! You deserve it!”

Anna Wacker

You can follow Anna on Instagram (@annawacker).

Morwenna Bugano

Morwenna is a Hypnotherapist, Intuitive and Reiki Master

Top Tip: Practice Source Meditation

“My favorite well-being practice is to meditate and expand my consciousness to connect to Source energy (The Universe). I’ll sit there and fill my whole body up with this energy and then practice the emotion of gratitude. This is my favorite practice as it’s connecting dimensions. The Earthly with the Etheric, my intuition is increased, I find myself in the flow of life, more balanced and happy.”

Morwenna Bugano

You can follow Morwenna on Instagram (@morwenna_bugano) and watch her healing meditations on YouTube @Morwenna Bugano.

Thimela Garcia

Thimela is an energy healer experienced in a range of holistic treatments such as reiki, sound healing, chakra balance, and sound baths.

Top Tip: Pranayama (breath control / breathing exercises)

“There’s an intimate relationship between breathing and our emotional state. When we are nervous or excited, our breath rate increases so if we alter our rate of breathing, we can alter our emotional state. By practicing breath control (pranayama), we can influence on how the vital energy of breath interacts with the Chakras and energy channels (nadis) to create overall balance and harmony.”

Thimela Garcia

You can follow Thimela on Instagram (@chakramamahealing) and book holistic treatments at

Natalie Burrage

Natalie is a multi-dimensional coach, conscious entrepreneur, and magician of energy

Top Tip: Get your Bars run

“It’s a technique called the access bars that helps you to release not only limiting beliefs, but opens up the space of your being and reality.”

Natalie Burrage

You can follow Natalie on Instagram (@natalie_burrage) and you can also book a session with her at

‘The Bars’ refers to 32 points in the head where we store emotions, ideas and thoughts that can limit our growth and personal development. When you get your bars run, a practitioner will cleanse the electromagnetic charge at these points and break down the barriers holding you back. 

Other Chakra Healing Techniques

There are all kinds of different healing tools and chakra-based therapies you can use to balance and harmonize your inner energy. Some of our favorites at Chakra Practice include:

Chakra Healing Meditation

Meditation is a powerful tool for connecting with your major chakras and rebalancing your emotional and spiritual energy. Research has also shown that it can alleviate physical symptoms such as muscular pain and mental health issues like anxiety.

There are lots of different forms of chakra meditative exercises including candle gazing, body scanning and visualization. Read our guide to chakra meditation to learn more.

Follow our chakra guided meditation programme on YouTube

Chakra Journaling

Chakra journaling involves using a pen and paper to explore your connection with your chakras and release emotions and thoughts that can be limiting your spiritual connection. It’s also a great practice for chakra beginners as it’s really simple to get started.

Simply get a pen and paper, find a quiet spot and choose a chakra journal prompt. Then start writing whatever comes into your mind when you ponder the prompt. Let your mind wander without judgment, writing for as long as you feel comfortable.

The more often you do it, the more you will start to understand which chakras need unblocking and where you need to rebalance.

Chakra Affirmations

Affirmations are an effective way to reprogramme your mind, boost energy levels and rebalance chakra blockages. They have also been shown to release stress and support a more positive outlook.

Choose an affirmation that resonates with you, for example if you want to focus on your Root Chakra (also known as your Muladhara Chakra), you could use an affirmation like “I have a strong foundation.

Repeating this affirmation regularly will help you connect with your Base Chakra and break down the negative thought patterns that could be holding you back. 

root chakra affirmations
Root Chakra affirmations

Crystal Healing

Crystals have frequencies of vibration which can help with chakra balancing. Many precious stones also have other healing properties, for example turquoise is healing for the Throat Chakra as it is known to support mental clarity and honest communication.

There are lots of ways to use them, you can place healing crystals around your home, wear chakra jewelry or hold chakra stones while meditating. Read our guide to the best crystals for chakra healing.

Yoga Poses

Chakra yoga asanas are poses that can break down tension and negative energy stored in our physical bodies and allow the harmonious flow of energy through our whole being. Yoga has also been shown to release stress and promote emotional balance.

Different yoga postures support different chakras, for example, Goddess Pose is particularly good for the Sacral Chakra as it releases physical stress from the hips where the Sacral Chakra is located. 

Essential OIls

Aromatherapy is another enjoyable way to support your chakra health. Certain essential oils are particularly beneficial for specific chakras. For example, Rose oil is particularly effective for rebalancing the Heart Chakra (also known as the Anahata Chakra) as it is known to boost feelings of love and compassion and support the release of sadness and grief.

There are lots of ways to use essential oils, you could add a couple of drops to your massage oil, add chakra oils to an oil burner or apply a blend directly to your pulse points. 

Sound Therapy

Every chakra vibrates at a particular frequency. By using instruments like singing bowls or chanting we can tune into this frequency and rebalance stagnant energy. 

For example, the frequency for the Crown Chakra is 963 Hz and the musical note is D so playing a singing bowl tuned to this note, can help to align and energize this energy center.

Check out our chakra frequency series on YouTube

Time to Get Inspired…

As these chakra healers and spiritual guides have shown, there are many different forms of energy medicine you can use to connect with yourself and find inner peace. So get inspired, experiment and build wellbeing habits that bring you joy and support your optimal health.


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