Top 10 best places to buy chakra stones online

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Whether you believe in the healing power of crystals or you're simply looking for some beautiful unique jewelry, crystals and precious stones can be a beautiful addition to your life.

In this article, we look at how to use chakra healing stones, what to look out for when buying chakra crystals and our top 10 places to buy chakra stones online.

How do I use chakra healing stones?

Crystals can positively impact our chakras by boosting the vibration within our bodies, helping to clear these energy centers and allowing them to “spin” at a higher frequency.

Different crystals are said to help with healing different chakras or the different areas of your life. In fact, just wearing or holding a healing crystal connected to the chakra you are working on can assist you in deepening your focus and aligning that chakra.

If you are new to chakra healing, you might benefit from reading our guide to the best chakra healing crystals for each chakra.

If you are ready, read on and we'll share with you the top 10 best places to buy crystals. Some of these shops also offer helpful advice to guide you towards your ideal healing crystal.


chakra healing crystals

What to look for when buying chakra healing stones online

Unfortunately, there are fake stones out there, and while they may look nice, they're not going to have the same healing benefits for your chakras that you would get with an authentic gemstone. So, here's our checklist of what to look for when buying real chakra healing stones online:

1. Check the color

Is the crystal really brightly colored? This could be a sign that it's dyed crystal or glass, rather than the real thing. Have a look online and compare the color against other pictures of the stone which you can find on Pinterest or Google images.

2. Does it look too perfect?

Crystals are natural and so they come with natural imperfections and flaws. It is very rare to find a natural crystal which is exactly the same color throughout, crystal clear and perfectly symmetrical.

Some crystal experts recommend opting for raw, rough stones over polished or tumbled stones. With rough stones you can see the growth structures in the crystals whereas in polished stones, these structures have been smoothed out making it harder to tell whether they are real or not.

3. Look out for bubbles

Air bubbles are a tell-tale sign that you are looking at glass rather than real crystal. Certain crystals are more at risk of this than others, such as Clear Quartz. Clear Quartz should have a transparent glassy look to it but it should never be totally perfect or contain air bubbles.

4. Shop from a reputable store

It goes without saying but shopping from a reputable crystal seller is the easiest way to make sure you're buying authentic stones. Shopping on Etsy or Amazon can be helpful as you can see reviews but there are plenty of other stores to look at (check out our list at the end of this article). When googling, make sure you search for ethically sourced crystals.

Doing some research into the average price of the crystal you want to buy is also a very good idea. Prices will vary a lot depending on the type of precious gem, but if you find a store selling a crystal for much cheaper than all the competition, then chances are it's too good to be true.

5. When the crystal arrives

There are a few tests you can do at home once your crystal is delivered. First, give the crystal a gentle rub to see if any color comes off. You can also try rubbing nail varnish remover (acetone) on a small patch of the stone - if any color comes off then you know it's fake.

Also check how it feels - real crystal is generally heavier than glass and much heavier than plastic. Real stones are also likely to feel cool to the touch.

Tumbled stones vs rough stones for chakra healing

Rough stones, sometimes referred to as raw stones, are unpolished and untreated. They typically have natural formations and flaws. In comparison, tumbled stones are rough stones and gems that have gone through a rock tumbler which smooths and shapes them until they are polished and glossy.

Some crystal healers believe that raw or rough stones emit a more powerful energy than tumbled or polished stones because they are untreated and unchanged. However, despite being changed, many believe that tumbled stones still have healing properties which can benefit your physical and spiritual health.

So now you may be asking where can I buy real crystals online? Read on for our top 10 crystal stores. 

rough and tumbled stones


Where to buy real chakra stones

Here are some of the best places to buy real crystals online. All of these retailers ship internationally so you can order from them wherever you are in the world.

The Psychic Tree

The Psychic Tree offers a wide range of healing crystals and crystal products such as crystal water bottles and jewelry. They have a really impressive selection so whatever you're after, chances are you will find it at The Psychic Tree.

Psychic Tree is based in the UK but ships internationally so you can get your hands on their crystals, wherever you are in the world. The prices are very reasonable, and you will get regular discount codes if you sign up for their newsletter too.

If you are a novice to crystal healing we highly recommend the Beginner's Healing Crystal Starter Pack that comes with a handy guide book to explain the properties of the crystals. If you're looking for a thoughtful present, you can find some beautiful crystal necklaces and bracelets which would make a stunning gift.

Does the Psychic Tree sell real crystals?

The answer is yes - the Psychic Tree does indeed sell authentic crystals. The Psychic Tree was founded by a qualified Reiki practitioner, trained in tarot readings, runes, psychometry, and even tea leaf readings, and this passion shines through in the products.

All their products are ethically sourced and they are very transparent about their standards and where their products come from so you can be sure that the crystals they sell are real. They're also a previous winner at the Soul & Spirit awards.

Best for: A massive range of crystals and spiritual products.

Conscious Items

Conscious Items is another well-known supplier of high quality, authentic crystals and precious stones.

They have a really wide product selection, including precious stones, crystal lamps, chakra jewelry and zodiac sets. I particularly like their unique, stylish jewelry pieces, like this Stress-Relief Diffuser Amethyst Necklace.

The website is really easy to navigate - you can search by crystal or zodiac sign to find the right product for you, and they even have a rewards program so you can start collecting points every time you shop.

Best for: Collecting rewards and discounts if you regularly shop for crystals.

 amethyst crystal necklace

The Stress-Relief Diffuser Amethyst Necklace from Conscious Items


Sivana Spirit

Sivana Spirit is a company with a strong mission - to help mothers and children in impoverished communities in India. The store sells a beautiful array of tie-dye clothing, dresses, spiritual decor and healing gemstones, inspired by the natural elements and ancient Indian philosophy. 

Although it's one of the pricier options on our list, the quality really shines through in the products. All the crystals and spiritual items are high quality, beautifully packaged and exactly as described. 

Sivana Spirit gives 10% of their profits to support mothers in need, so by purchasing one of their gorgeous authentic crystals you are also adding a positive contribution to the world at the same time.

Best for: Supporting a good cause while you shop.

Exquisite Crystals

Started over 20 years ago, Exquisite Crystals has built up a reputation in the industry for top quality, authentic precious stones and chakra crystals.

They source their products from all over the world and have a wide range of hard to find crystals at reasonable prices. For example, they stock stones like Malachite, a rare crystal used in crystal healing to reduce stress, promote positivity and balance emotions, which can be difficult to get hold of.

The customer care is top notch and the delivery is super-fast.  Exquisite Crystals also supports a number of environmental projects around the world including the 1% for the Planet project and the Eden Reforestation Project.

Best for: Unusual gem stones which you can't find anywhere else.


malachite crystal

A polished Malachite stone from Exquisite Crystals


Best crystal shops on Etsy

World Incense Store

If you're an Etsy lover, then check out World Incense Store. Don't let the name fool you, World Incense Store sells incense and smudging kits but it's also an absolute treasure trove of crystals.

All the crystals in the store are high quality, reasonably priced and come in beautiful shades.

I particularly like the Beginners Crystal Kit, which combines the perfect combination of beautiful crystals for someone looking to start or grow their crystal collection. The set includes seven natural rough gemstones which align to each of the seven key Chakras, and it also includes a bonus Selenite Stick, ideal for portable crystal charging.

World Incense Store is a husband, wife & son team who are very passionate and knowledgeable about spiritual health and they're more than happy to help you with any questions.

Best for: Stunning crystal sets and kits.

Yellow Tree Company

Yellow Tree Company specializes in sourcing handmade, natural spiritual products from around the world. They stock a beautiful collection of unique products and crystals in stunning shades.

The store is entirely dedicated to crystal healing so you'll find anything you could possibly need for your crystal practice, including crystal spheres, points and clusters, geodes, palm and worry stones, crystal stones and pyramids, crystal charging plates, tumbled and rough stones, crystal bowls and crystal buddhas.

Best for: Products covering all aspects of crystal healing.

Bliss Crystals

Bliss Crystals was founded by a mother and daughter team in 2010. They have an exquisite boutique of Grade A crystals in tumbled stones, specimens, jewelry and decor. Like the other stores on this list, they also hand-select gems from ethical sources worldwide.

The staff at Bliss Crystals are all trained Crystal Docents who are able to guide beginners as well as experienced collectors who are looking for rare and unusual crystals. Every crystal also comes with a descriptive card to explain its uses and properties.

Besides the wide array of crystals, they also have unique lines of jewelry, incense, essential oils and crystal accessories, as well as astrology-themed gifts.

I particularly like the selections of tumbled natural chakra stones. Bliss Crystals suggests using them in crystal grids as well as part of a Feng Sui practice to accent and enhance the beauty of spaces and objects.

Best for: Beginners who are new to crystal healing.


7 chakra stone set

7 Chakra Stone Balancing Set from Yellow Tree Company


Best crystal shops on Amazon


Kalifano is one of the best places to buy crystals on Amazon. They sell raw crystals and jewelry, as well as amazing gemstone trees.

If you are looking for a unique tree of life that is made out of crystals, then this shop is the perfect shop for you. They also have a wide array of homeware products like crystal candle holders and crystal vases for those who would like to use crystals in their home in a more subtle way.

Kalifano's philosophy is simple: provide the highest quality and most unique products at the best possible value, and they do this very well. Their crystals are great quality for the price, particularly the Bulk Tumbled Stones which includes crystals for each of the chakras. They also come in a lovely pouch for storing them in.

They also sell a beautiful Selenite Wand which you can use in healing practices as well as to charge your other crystals.

Best for: Quality gemstones on Amazon.

Rock Paradise

Another store to check out is Rock Paradise, particularly if you're looking for raw crystals which some find have a higher energy than polished varieties. At Rock Paradise you can get crystal decor, jewelry, healing crystals, gemstones and much more.

One thing that's particularly nice about this shop is that they source all their stones directly from mines and local communities across the world, so you know that you're getting the real deal. You also get a certificate of authenticity with information about the origins of the crystals.

Rock Paradise offers high quality gemstones at amazing prices and in lovely packaging, so it's a great place to get a gift. They also offer some impressive savings on wholesale crystals, so if you are a retailer or you're making a lot of crystal jewelry then you could pick up some great bargains.

For those more experienced with crystals, you can find collections for particular crystals like Rose Quartz which can be handy if you need a specific crystal for a centering prayer, reiki session or chakra practice.

Best for: Buying crystals in bulk.

Crystal Tears

Crystal Tears has a smaller range than some of the other stores in this list but it's worth considering if you're looking to keep costs down. Crystal Tears sells real chakra stones and crystal products but at very competitive prices.

The selection of rough stones is pretty small but they have a lovely selection of crystal necklaces, sun catchers and key rings for those looking for alternative ways to incorporate chakra crystals into their life.

The chakra healing set with tumbled stones and engraved chakra quartz stones would make a great gift for anyone beginning their chakra healing journey.

Best for: Affordable crystal jewelry and trinkets.


So those are my top 10 best places to buy crystals online and they are ready to supply you with every healing item that your heart desires.

From clear quartz to rare crystals, these crystal shops are filled with everything you need to get you started on your crystal healing journey.