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10 Chakra Gift Ideas

10 Chakra Gift Ideas

Looking for a gift for a friend or loved one who is in touch with their spiritual side? We’ve got you covered.

In this article I choose my go-to chakra gifts, from candles to crystals, and where you can find them. 

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10 Chakra Gifts For Spiritual Healing

Chakra Candles

Chakra candles are one of my favorite spiritual gifts because they look great, smell great and can be used in so many different spiritual and energy healing practices.

Chakra candles come with lots of benefits, but one of the best things about them is how versatile they are. They can be used during meditation practices, to set the tone during a yoga session, as a focus point during rituals or spells or even just to cleanse the atmosphere in your home.

They don’t require any special knowledge to use so they’re a perfect chakra gift for someone who is new to chakras or energy healing. 

Chakra candles typically use essential oils, colors and crystals which correlate to each of the chakras. Burning chakra candles emit positive energies that can rebalance the chakras, as well as relaxing the body and mind and uplifting our mood. 

You can get chakra candle sets or individual candles for each of the major chakras.

Chakra Essential Oil Set

Chakra essential oils are another great present, not just for chakra healing but for anyone with an interest in aromatherapy. In fact, studies have found that essential oils are a useful tool for alleviating all kinds of physical and emotional symptoms. 

There are certain fragrances which are particularly healing for individual chakras. For example, woody, earthy scents such as cedarwood or Vetiver are often used to energize and harmonize an imbalanced Root Chakra

Another benefit of essential oils is that they can be used in so many different ways. They can be used during chakra healing massage, added to a bath, added to an oil diffuser or oil burner or simply applied to the pulse points or chakra locations. So your loved one can use essential oils in whatever wellbeing practice they enjoy. 

You can buy individual chakra oils or chakra essential oil kits which can be used to balance multiple chakras. 

Chakra Jewelry

Chakra jewelry is a great option for friends who love an accessory and also enjoy the healing benefits of crystals. There are different precious chakra gemstones and crystals which are particularly beneficial to specific energy centers

For example, clear quartz is frequently used to rebalance the Crown Chakra because its properties are said to boost mental clarity and higher consciousness. Wearing chakra jewelry allows you to benefit from these healing properties as you go about your day, helping to maintain a positive flow of energy

Chakra jewelry comes in all different shapes and sizes – you can find 7 chakra necklaces or bracelets featuring stones for all the chakras, or you can get pendants, earrings or even chakra rings for specific chakras. . 

I particularly like a single chakra necklace or chakra bracelet like this energy shield bracelet from Conscious Items which contains lapis lazuli, hematite and oynz to soothe and protect the Throat Chakra

Chakra Singing Bowl

Do you have a friend who enjoys meditating? Or perhaps a friend who could do with improving their sleep and de-stressing? A chakra singing bowl could be the perfect gift for them.

Chakra singing bowls are typically tuned to a particular chakra. For example Sacral Chakra singing bowls are usually tuned to the Sacral Chakra frequency which is 417 Hz. When struck, chakra singing bowls emit particular vibrations  which are particularly effective at rebalancing the energy waves emitted from the chakras.

Singing bowls have also been found to improve sleep quality and studies show that  using singing bowls encourages beta waves or trance-like theta waves – the type of brain waves responsible for making us feel relaxed. 

As we’ve discussed, you can find singing bowls in all kinds of sizes and designs. Chakra singing bowls are usually recognisable by their color – they are often painted with colors representing each chakra point, while others have carved chakra symbols adorning the outside of the bowl.

You can use chakra singing bowls during spiritual rituals, meditative practices, journaling – basically any energy healing routine!

Yoga Mat

You might not immediately think of a yoga mat as a chakra healing gift but actually it’s a powerful tool for all kinds of energy healing practices, not just yoga.

Yoga helps to remove physical and emotional stress from the body, heal physical ailments and support mental wellbeing. Certain poses are particularly good for healing particular chakras, for example Goddess Pose is often practiced to open up the Sacral Chakra.

Of course you can use a yoga mat to practice specific chakra healing yoga poses, but I also use mine for meditation. I find it a lot more comfortable and better for my physical alignment than sitting on a chair. 

So if you’re buying a gift for someone who enjoys exercise as a way to destress and connect with their chakras, then a chakra yoga mat could be the ideal option. 

Chakra Crystal Lamp

Looking for a spiritual gift that’s just a bit different? Then a chakra crystal lamp could be for you! 

As we’ve mentioned, crystals have all kinds of benefits for our mental, spiritual and physical wellbeing. One way to bring these healing properties into the home in a practical way is with a chakra crystal lamp.

They’re a beautiful chakra gift for someone who is interested in both crystals and home decor. 

Different lamps will come with slightly different benefits. For example, a rose quartz lamp will give off a calming and soothing energetic vibration which is particularly healing for the Heart Chakra, while a selenite lamp will help to dispel negative energy from your home. 

You can find some beautiful chakra lamps which combine multiple chakra crystals on Conscious Items. 

Chakra Journal

A chakra journal is the ideal gift for the friend who loves to express themselves through pen and paper. 

Journaling has been shown to have many benefits for our mental wellbeing. It reduces stress, helps us to process negative thoughts and emotions and improves clarity.

It’s also a very helpful tool for chakra healing as it allows us to explore how we are feeling emotionally and physically which can help us to identify which chakras need balancing and what could be causing energetic imbalances. 

Of course you can journal with just a pen and plain notepad, but a chakra journal helps to focus the mind on chakra healing and is a special book that you can come back to again and again when you want to get in touch with your chakra centers. 

I love this one from Silverpost on Etsy.

Chakra Incense Kit

Incense is a great gift for a friend or loved one who likes to meditate or practice mindfulness. It’s often used to create a tranquil environment before a spiritual practice such as reiki, meditation, or yoga or to simply help you destress or relax at the end of the day.

Like essential oils, chakra incense uses herbs and spices that give off fragrances that are particularly beneficial for our energy centers. 

The burning of incense doesn’t require any spiritual healing experience so they are the perfect gift for someone who is a chakra healing beginner.

Chakra Wall Hanging

The chakra symbols and their colors are not only beautiful in their own right but they’re also used in many chakra healing practices like visual meditation practices. 

Chakra wall hangings make a lovely housewarming gift for someone who is in touch with their spirituality and has an eye for design. Chakra wall hangings can be hung anywhere – in the hallway, workspace, bedroom, living room – anywhere that you want to be reminded of your energetic centers. 

Some wall hangings also include precious chakra stones so you get the added benefits of crystal healing with the wall hanging. 

Chakra Smudging Kit

For a friend who is down in the dumps or going through a difficult time, a chakra smudging kit could be what they need. Smudging has been used since ancient times as a way to purify the body and mind, and connect with the spirit.

Also known as herb burning, smoke cleansing and saingin, it essentially involves burning a bundle of dried sage and other herbs to release a sacred smoke.

Smudging is often carried out at the beginning of spiritual practices, rituals and spells or simply to clear negative energy from your body and environment. The sacred smoke can help to remove energy blockages allowing you to work on harmonizing your chakras. 

Give the Gift of Chakra Healing

So if you need a thoughtful present to help a friend or family member on their spiritual journey then look no further than these wonderful gifts. 

And if you have a friend who is new to chakras and energy healing, then why not give them a book on chakras alongside one of the gifts in this list.


  • Clare Smith

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