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How To Know If Your Chakra Bracelet is Real (Essential Checklist)

How To Know If Your Chakra Bracelet is Real (Essential Checklist)

Thinking of buying a chakra bracelet but trying to figure out how to spot genuine ones? Read this article to learn how to spot fake chakra bracelets from the real deal.

Wearing a chakra bracelet is a great way to support your chakra healing practice. The crystals and gemstones that make up the jewelry are believed to possess beneficial properties that can support physical healing and mental clarity.

But you only get these healing benefits if your chakra bracelet is real, so how do you spot authentic chakra bracelets?

This article will introduce simple ways to spot genuine chakra bracelets, and we’ll also examine the benefits of wearing authentic chakra jewelry and its use in chakra healing.

Why Does It Matter If My Chakra Bracelet Is Genuine?

Precious gemstones and crystals are believed to emit healing vibrations that support the flow of energy around our being, enabling us to reset and rebalance our energy centers.

Each previous crystal comes with different healing benefits – some help with the flow of positive energy (or universal energy) around our being, while others absorb negative energies. 

You find different crystals are suited to different chakras depending on their particular properties. Chakra jewelry is a great way to keep their healing properties about your person throughout your day – a chakra bracelet is particularly useful as it keeps precious stones close to the pulse points on your wrists. 

However, a chakra bracelet only brings healing benefits if it contains genuine crystals which have been selected to heal the chakras you want to work on. This may sound obvious but a lot of chakra jewelry you can buy online contains glass or plastic beads which may look nice but won’t help with your chakra balancing. 

Wearing genuine chakra bracelets ensures you get balanced chakra flow, resulting in a healthier physical body, mind and spirit.

genuine Chakra bracelet from Soul Star Chakra
Chakra bracelet from Soul Star Chakra

How to Pick an Authentic Chakra Bracelet – The Essential Checklist

When you’re shopping online you don’t have the luxury of feeling the quality of a product for yourself. And if you don’t scrutinize your chakra jewelry closely, you may risk paying for an accessory with no healing benefits.

Luckily there are a few clues to look out for when picking a legitimate chakra bracelet – here is our essential checklist. 

1. Stone Variety

Chakra bracelets often feature seven stones for each of the chakras. These types of bracelets are designed to restore balance and harmony to your whole chakra system. But don’t just go and purchase a multicolored bracelet – an authentic bracelet will include specific stones that are known to heal each of the chakras. 

You can also get single-colored bracelets that are intended to strengthen one particular chakra center (for example you often see chakra pendant necklaces containing amethyst for the Crown Chakra) – but again make sure that it contains a crystal that is related to that respective chakra.

Have a look at our chakra crystal checklist below to see which crystals correspond with which chakras. Often real chakra bracelets also include lava rocks or lava beads on either side of the chakra crystals. 

chakra healing crystals
Chakra Healing Crystals

2. Beads Finish

Real chakra beads are not perfect. On the contrary, authentic bracelets will include stones with uneven edges which are not symmetric. 

Natural stones have been exposed to extreme natural conditions for thousands of years and will come with unique blemishes and characteristics. Even polished stone beads still contain individual flaws and marks. 

raw stones v polished stones
Raw gemstones v polished gemstones

If you’re looking at perfectly polished beads, chances are they are plastic or glass beads.

3. Price 

One indicator of fake chakra bracelets is the price – unfortunately you really do get what you pay for.

Authentic gemstones are naturally rare. They are mined, cut, and faceted before they get polished for jewelry-making. All these factors contribute to their higher price tag. Shop around and get a feel for price so you know how much you should expect to pay.

4. Unrealistic Claims

Genuine chakra bracelets are known for balancing the energies in your entire body to support your mental and physical well being.

They come with healing powers but they don’t guarantee anything. Don’t buy any piece of chakra jewelry that comes with unrealistic claims for example “wear this and you’ll find all your financial dreams come true or you’ll win the lottery etc”. That’s not what real chakra jewelry is about. 

Chakra crystal checklist
How to Pick a Chakra Crystal Checklist

5. Colors

Natural gemstones tend to have variations in terms of their shade and often they will come in more natural colors. Fake chakra bracelets often look shinier and have a brighter, more consistent color. They don’t possess the natural mix of luster and color variations typical of authentic jewels.

Synthetic-made bracelets also fade over time. In some cases, you can immediately see signs of color fading simply by looking at the bracelet strings.

Make sure you know what color stones and crystals you should be looking out for with a real chakra stones bracelet. Here’s a quick round-up of the seven colors used in chakra bracelets:

chakra colors chart
Chakra Colors Chart

6. Seller Reputation

When buying online, it’s particularly important to go with a trusted seller. Legitimate stores are more likely to deliver top-grade items made by equally trusted manufacturers.

An excellent way to test a seller’s authenticity is to ask them what the bracelets are made of. Legitimate sellers will usually tell you the name of the stones instead of using technical jargon and they should be able to explain how and where they are sourced from.

the chakra balancing bracelet set
The Chakra Balancing Bracelet Set from Conscious Items

6. Professional Recommendations

If you’re uncertain, why not check with a professional. This could be a yoga teacher, chakra healer, established jewelers, or even online influencers focused on authentic goods and jewels.

What Are the Benefits of a Real Chakra Bracelet?

While some people may see chakra bracelets as mere fashion items, they do in fact come with profound healing properties. 

It depends on the particular stones used, but certain chakra crystals are said to come with a wide range of benefits in addition to healing and balancing your chakras, such as

  • Soothing the mind
  • Boosting self-confidence and personal power
  • Restful sleep
  • Improving communication skills
  • Stabilizing emotions
  • Enhancing self-control
  • Driving away negative or stagnant energy
  • Providing a sense of balance
  • Soothing physical symptoms like headaches
  • Boosting psychic energy
  • Supporting creativity and a sense of expression

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Do You Wear a Chakra Bracelet on Your Left or Right Hand?

Chakra bracelets can be worn on either your right hand or left hand depending on your preference. However, there are traditional meanings tied to each hand.

The left hand is considered the receiving hand, so wearing your chakra bracelet on it can be a way to welcome internal energy flow into your being. Benefits of this can include stress reduction, better intuition, and improved self esteem.

On the other hand, your right wrist is considered the giving side and relates to an abundance of energy flowing to your external environment. For example the channeling of cosmic energies which connect you to the universe and those around you.


Chakra jewelry comes with subtle healing properties, making it a wonderful way to support your chakra healing practice. But spotting an authentic chakra bracelet online can be confusing sometimes which is why it’s important to take some time to get to know which precious stones are suitable for which chakras and the colors and shades to look out for. 

Once you know what you’re looking for, follow our authentic chakra jewelry checklist to make sure you invest in a quality chakra bracelet. You might also like our guide to where to buy chakra jewelry.


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