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The Power of Chakras


An introductory chakra book exploring the power of chakras, chakra healing techniques and simple routines you can follow at home.


The Power of Chakras is a must-read chakra book for anyone interested in healing through balancing their chakras.

This book on chakras is ideal for those who want an introduction to the incredible power of chakras and how to heal them for ultimate wellbeing.

Inside The Power of Chakras, discover:

  • Where the concept of chakras come from.
  • The functions of chakras and their impact on your body’s energy system.
  • Everything you need to know about the seven-chakra system.
  • Common myths and misconceptions that surround the concept of chakras.
  • Healing techniques you can use to rebalance your chakras.

For anyone who knows little about chakras and needs a book that explains them in great detail without all the unnecessary jargon, this is the perfect chakra healing book for you.