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The 9th Chakra – Everything You Need to Know

The 9th Chakra – Everything You Need to Know

Discovering your inner power doesn’t have to be a daunting process. One of the most accessible tools for unlocking our hidden potential is the 9th Chakra.

It serves as the doorway between our physical bodies and higher planes of consciousness – connecting us more profoundly with truth, wisdom, oneness, and bliss.

In this article, we dive into what exactly the 9th chakra is, how it works, and the different ways you can unlock its energy within yourself so that you can start seeing life through a new lens!

What is the Ninth Chakra?

We traditionally think of seven major chakras (the Root Chakra, Sacral Chakra, Solar Plexus Chakra, Heart Chakra, Throat Chakra, Third Eye Chakra, and Crown Chakra, however there are believed to be many more chakras (up to 114 according to some chakra traditions).

In the 12 Chakra System, there are 5 more chakras in addition to the 7 major chakras. The Earth Star Chakra sits below the Root Chakra (or Base Chakra) and the Soul Star Chakra, Universal Chakra, Galactic Chakra and Divine Gateway Chakra sit above the Crown Chakra. They are sometimes known as the outer chakras or spiritual chakras because they are beyond our physical body:

  1. Earth Chakra (this is sometimes called Chakra 0 which affects the numbering of the other chakras)
  2. Root Chakra
  3. Sacral Chakra
  4. Solar Plexus Chakra
  5. Heart Chakra
  6. Throat Chakra
  7. Third Eye Chakra
  8. Crown Chakra
  9. Soul Star Chakra
  10. Universal Chakra
  11. Galactic Chakra
  12. Divine Gateway Chakra

The 9th Chakra, known as the Soul Star Chakra is the highest and most powerful of all major energy centers in the human body. It is often referred to as the “Seat of the Soul”.

The 9th Chakra provides us with an opening to higher realms of consciousness and allows spiritual energy to flow freely through our subtle bodies. It is where we can connect deeply with our soul’s purpose and discover a greater understanding of who we truly are as individuals.

The 9th Chakra works by connecting us more deeply with divine wisdom, unconditional love, and higher truths from beyond our physical realm. When this gateway opens up, a new level of awareness emerges within us that often leads to profound insights into reality and life itself.

This chakra can also help us to better process the inner guidance we receive and we can use it to make decisions in our lives that reflect this higher wisdom.

Where is the 9th Chakra Located?

The 9th Chakra is located outside the physical body, above the Crown Chakra (or 8th Chakra in the 12 Chakra System) which is above our heads.

What Color is the 9th Chakra?

The 9th Chakra is usually associated with the colors gold or green.

What is the Ninth Chakra Responsible for?

The 9th Chakra is responsible for connecting us to our higher purpose and divine wisdom. It helps us to access inner guidance, unconditional love, and profound insights that are beyond the physical realm.

It is thought to connect us with the energy of the moon. By unlocking this chakra’s energy, we can open up a doorway between ourselves and a greater source of spiritual realm and personal power.

Ninth Chakra
Ninth Chakra

What Happens When the Ninth Chakra is Unbalanced?

When the Ninth Chakra, often called the Soul Star Chakra, becomes unbalanced it can affect both our human body, spiritual body and our mind in unexpected ways. An imbalance in this chakra set can manifest physically as exhaustion, digestive issues, insomnia. Emotional and spiritual issues include relationship difficulties and a lack of purpose and intuition. 

To restore balance it is recommended that we practice conscious breathing and grounding exercises like meditation, visualization, energy healing, or chakra healing with crystals. Doing so can open us up to clearer communication with our spiritual side, so we can be more present in our lives.

How to Heal Your 9th Chakra

There are many different ways to open up the 9th Chakra and heal it. Here are some tips for unlocking its energy:

Affirmations for the 9th Chakra

Connecting with the 9th Chakra is all about recognizing the unlimited potential we have within us. Practicing affirmations that support this connection can renew our enthusiasm and inspire us to live authentically. 

1. I am open to divine wisdom and inner guidance.

2. I trust the wisdom of my soul’s purpose.

3. I am connected to the higher truth within me.

4. I am in alignment with my highest potential.

5. I have the power to bring my dreams to life.

6. I am open to the divine flow of archetypal energies in my life.

7. I embrace love and truth on my spiritual path.

8. I am worthy of living a life of joy and abundance.

9. My mind is clear and focused on achieving success.

10. I have access to an unlimited source of knowledge and wisdom.

11. My higher self knows exactly what I need right now for my highest good.

12. My intuition guides me toward making the right decisions for myself each day.

13. I tune into divine guidance that brings peace, clarity, and understanding into my life experiences.

14 . I allow myself to be filled with unconditional love and joy.

15. I open up to profound insights that expand my understanding of life.

16. I am limitless in the possibilities that come from trusting my higher wisdom.

17. My soul is connected to a greater source of power and knowledge.

18. I am connected to a divine force that guides me toward creating lasting and meaningful change in my life.

19. I trust in the universe and it’s life giving energy. 

20. I trust the power of my inner truth and use it to make wise decisions for myself.

21. I open up to a flow of higher consciousness that brings greater insight and understanding into my life.

22. I fully embrace the supernatural power of my higher self to manifest positive outcomes in my life.

23. I am connected to a divine source of knowledge that helps me make decisions for the highest good.

24. I have access to unconditional love, joy, and peace through connecting with the 9th chakra.

25. I trust in my intuition and inner wisdom to guide me on the path of spiritual growth.

26. I open up to profound insights that expand my understanding of life and the universe.

27. I am worthy of unlocking the divine secrets within me.

28. I am surrounded by energy that brings me closer to my spiritual center.

29. I am connected to the divine source of power and wisdom that guides me toward success.

30. I embrace love and truth in every moment of my life.

31. I trust that my inner voice knows what is best for me.

32. I am open to receiving spiritual guidance from a higher source of intelligence.

33 . My intuition leads me towards making wise decisions for myself each day.

34 . I allow the universe to provide me with the clarity and understanding needed in order to reach my full potential.

35 . I am limitless in the possibilities that come through connecting with my soul’s purpose.

36 . My higher self is guiding me toward greater understanding, acceptance, and joy.

37 . I accept the power of divine love that brings peace into my life experiences.

38 . I am connected to a divine source of knowledge that helps me make decisions for my highest good.

39 . My intuition guides me toward achieving success in all aspects of my life.

40 . I open up to an unlimited source of wisdom that fills me with unconditional love and joy.

Meditation for the 9th Chakra

Everyone has access to the 9th Chakra and all its related benefits for physical, mental, and spiritual well-being, and meditation is a powerful tool for reaching it. Through a regular meditation practice, one can become more aware of themselves and better able to connect with their intuition.

Those that practice meditation on a regular basis often find that they become more focused while simultaneously feeling more relaxed. They also experience increased levels of clarity and connection with their inner consciousness.

Chakra meditation allows us to take time away from the hustle and bustle of our lives in order to become better connected with ourselves spiritually so we can explore our higher consciousness. Achieving balance in the 9th Chakra helps us to become our true selves and realize our potential within this world.

Essential Oils for the 9th Chakra

Essential oils are a powerful addition to your wellness routine as they have many holistic benefits, and this is especially true for the 9th Chakra. This highest energy center must remain open and balanced for you to experience spiritual connection.

To help bring harmony, a combination of Rose, Geranium, and Sandalwood oils can be applied to the hairlines at each temple prior to meditation or yoga practice. You could also experiment with grounding essential oils like Ylang Ylang, Patchouli, Vetiver, and Hemlock Spruce which are excellent allies for finding peace in one’s divine connection.

High John the Conqueror Oil is a powerful oil blend which is also beneficial for self transformation and empowerment.

Together these essential oils will open up a gateway to give us insight into our higher self – helping us unlock knowledge stored in the universal library and shine the light of truth upon our lives.

Essential oils for the 9th Chakra
Essential oils for the 9th Chakra

Crystals for the 9th Chakra

Many people are interested in the mystical power of crystals and the healing possibilities that come from these precious stones, but did you know there is a special type of crystal that can help you tap into your Ninth Chakra energy?

These particular crystals help bridge the physical and spiritual worlds, giving you access to subconscious knowledge and divine inspiration. They have been used for centuries to support spiritual enlightenment and remove negative energy. 

Amethyst, Gold Calcite, Moldavite, and Sodalite, are Soul Star crystals which can provide powerful healing energies to this center. To begin feeling their transformative power, you can simply hold them while meditating with the intention of connecting with this higher cosmic energy, place them around your home or wear chakra jewelry

Visualization for the 9th Chakra

Visualization is a powerful tool for unlocking and healing the 9th Chakra. Take some deep breaths and imagine yourself surrounded by a beautiful, soothing golden light that gradually grows brighter as it fills your entire spiritual body. Feel its healing energy purify and balance your spirit from the inside out.

Now, focus your attention on the highest point of your head and visualize that this is a gateway to your higher consciousness. With each breath, invite yourself to be open to receive divine messages from within. Allow yourself to experience a deeper connection with yourself as you explore this beautiful energy.

Allow this visualization practice to remind you of the truth of who you are and all that you are capable of. With each breath, fill yourself with love, light, and peace. You can practice this visualization exercise any time you need to reconnect to your higher self.

By utilizing meditation, essential oils, crystals, and visualization practices together we can reach our highest potential by unlocking the power of our Soul Star. May this journey bring you joy and light on your spiritual path!

Mantras for the 9th Chakra

Mantras are a form of sound therapy which can help you tap into your Soul Star Chakra. Mantras are powerful sounds or words which help you connect with a particular chakra. And the great thing about mantras is they are easy to combine with other healing chakra practices

The balancing mantra for the Ninth Chakra is “El-ee-tee”. When saying these sounds you create vibrations which send healing frequencies to your Soul Center. You can say this mantra at the beginning or during meditation to focus the mind or while carrying out a visualization practice.

The Benefits of Opening Your 9th Chakra

Opening your 9th Chakra can be incredibly beneficial to your life in lots of different ways. It can lead to:

  • Increased creativity and self-expression
  • Enhanced communication of our thoughts and feelings
  • Improved confidence in decision-making
  • Heightened intuition and insight
  • Access to deeper levels of meditation
  • Greater connection with our community, and the world around us.

Developing an awareness of this energy field within us can help create shifts in our perceptions, giving insight into awarenesses we never knew were possible before. Unlocking the power of our 9th Chakra can truly make a positive difference in our daily lives.

Signs of Healthy 9th Chakra

When the 9th Chakra is healthy, we feel more connected, intuitive, and grounded. We become less reactive to external stressors and life’s challenges and feel more secure in their inner wisdom.

People that have balanced energy centers often feel inspired by the world around them, enjoy creative endeavors easily without hesitation, and find it easier to share their stories with others.

In addition to this sense of balance and peace within oneself, an individual may also see spiritual signs or symbols throughout the day – such as seeing patterns and signs or even visitations from angels in their dreams. These messages from the divine realm are often subtle yet powerful reminders of our true potential.


The discovery of the 9th Chakra is a fascinating opportunity for spiritual exploration, and only by learning more about it can we begin to fully understand its true potential.

With this knowledge, exploration, and practice, you may be able to reach a deeper understanding of yourself as well as gain access to an array of new personal abilities that will benefit your life immensely. So why not give it a try? Who knows where this enlightening adventure might take you!


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