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What Happens When the Heart Chakra Opens? (15 Symptoms)

What Happens When the Heart Chakra Opens? (15 Symptoms)

The Heart Chakra is vitally important as it links the lower chakras, concerned with the physical world, with the upper chakras concerned with intuition and spirituality. 

When the Heart Chakra opens there are a number of symptoms that you can experience:

  1. Healthier relationships
  2. A desire to forgive yourself and others
  3. Greater trust in others
  4. Feeling connected to others
  5. Less judgmental of yourself and others
  6. Increased generosity
  7. Heightened empathy
  8. An ability to give and receive unconditional love
  9. Increased self love and acceptance
  10. Peace of mind
  11. Ability to experience joy in little things
  12. Ability to manifest love
  13. A feeling of lightheartedness
  14. Greater confidence
  15. Physical symptoms of the heart chakra opening include feelings of warmth and relaxation in your chest

In this article we dive into these open Heart Chakra symptoms to help you identify them, as well as spot signs that your Heart Chakra is blocked. 

What is the Heart Chakra Responsible For?

The Heart Chakra is one of the seven primary chakras alongside the Root Chakra, Sacral Chakra, Solar Plexus Chakra, Throat Chakra, Third Eye Chakra and Crown Chakra.

Also known as the Anahata or Fourth chakra, it is represented by the color green and is located in the chest, just above the heart. 

The Heart Chakra is responsible for our ability to love and experience emotion. When this energy center is open and balanced, we experience a deep sense of love and compassion for all beings.

On a physical level, the Heart Chakra is connected with the health of our heart and chest. That’s why an imbalanced Heart Chakra can reveal itself in physical symptoms such as high blood pressure, heart palpitations, chest pains, poor circulation and shortness of breath. 

But how do you feel when the Heart Chakra opens?

heart chakra location
Heart Chakra location

15 Heart Chakra Opening Symptoms 

Have you ever wondered how to know if your Heart Chakra is open? Well, there are a number of emotional symptoms, as well as signs in the human body that you can experience when your Heart Chakra opens.

Anahata Chakra opening symptoms include:

Healthier Relationships

When the Heart Chakra is blocked or imbalanced this will impact your ability to give and receive love, which will in turn negatively affect your interpersonal relationships with others. This can manifest itself in abusive or toxic relationships. Once this energy center is open you are far more likely to experience healthy relationships, because you are able to express love freely for yourself and others. 

A Desire to Forgive Yourself and Others

The Heart Chakra is responsible for our capacity to forgive. Therefore when your Anahata Chakra is open then you actively want to practise forgiveness. This can be forgiveness towards others as well as forgiveness to yourself for past mistakes. In this way an open Heart Chakra helps you to overcome past trauma and emotional wounds. 

Greater Trust in Others

It is common to build up emotional barriers over time, particularly if we are hurt by others, and these barriers can make it difficult to trust others. One of the major benefits of Heart Chakra opening is that these barriers come down, allowing you to fully trust others and let them into your heart. 

Feeling Connected to Others

As we become more trusting and compassionate towards others, we inevitably feel more connected to them. A greater feeling of connectivity with our family, friends and society as a whole is a common symptom of the Anahata opening. 

Less Judgmental of Yourself and Others

WIth greater love and compassion, comes less judgment and criticism. When the Heart Chakra opens and we feel deeper love for ourselves and others, we become more understanding of each other’s faults and less likely to criticize or judge. 

15 symptoms of a heart chakra opening
15 symptoms of a Heart Chakra opening

Increased Generosity

Generosity of spirit is another symptom of a Heart Chakra awakening. The Heart Chakra is closely linked to our desire to help others, this includes being generous with our time, emotions or material wealth. 

Heightened Empathy

When our Heart Chakra is open we can understand other people better and we can be more sensitive to their thoughts and emotions. In other words, we can empathize with others because our hearts are open. 

An Ability to Give and Receive Unconditional Love

We cannot give or receive unconditional love unless our Heart Chakra is open. The ability to love freely and without strings attached is one of the first symptoms of an opening Heart Chakra. 

Increased Self Love and Acceptance

To give and receive unconditional love, we first need to love ourselves and an open Heart Chakra enables us to do just that. When this energy center begins to open we can start to embrace every part of ourselves – the good and the bad – enabling us to find true self acceptance. This in turn allows us to practise self-compassion and self love. 

Ability to Experience Joy in Little Things

When we are in unhealthy or abusive relationships, or we feel disconnected from others, it is hard to see the beauty and joy all around us. Distrust, criticism or emotional wounds can cloud our mind and close us off to joyful experiences. When the Heart Chakra opens, it dispels these negative feelings allowing us to find joy in our everyday lives.

A Feeling of Lightheartedness

As we begin to experience joy in the small things, we also begin to feel a sense of lightheartedness. We are no longer weighed down on an emotional level. Instead we feel full of life energy and able to go about our lives with an open heart center. 

Peace of Mind

Peace of mind is often a consequence of the Heart Chakra opening. When we stop criticizing ourselves and others and start to see the love and joy all around us, we inevitably become less stressed and bogged down in negative energies. We are filled with positive energies which soothe our mind. 

Ability to Manifest Love

The Heart Chakra is a powerful energy source and some believe that we can use this power to manifest love in our lives. According to the laws of attraction, a positive mindset can support us in attracting positivity into our lives. When our Anahata Chakra is open we can attract love into our lives, using techniques such as visualization, affirmations, journaling and other mental models. 

Greater Confidence

Although the Solar Plexus Chakra is more commonly associated with our personal power and self confidence, the Heart Chakra can also play a role in our self-belief. When our Heart Chakra is open we are able to practise self acceptance and self- love and this forms the basis of confidence.

Being able to accept ourselves, faults and all, enables us to respect ourselves and build authentic confidence. 

Physical Symptoms of the Heart Chakra

Symptoms of the Heart Chakra opening are not solely emotional or spiritual. 

You may also experience some physical symptoms, such as a feeling of warmth or relaxation in your chest. The Heart Chakra is closely aligned to the health of the heart and chest, so when this energy center opens it is possible to feel a sense of release and lightness in this area of the physical body. 

Some may also feel a huge emotional release when they open their Heart Chakra, and this can manifest itself in crying or even sobbing.

Heart Chakra Blockage Symptoms

So what blocks the Heart Chakra in the first place? As the Heart Chakra is concerned with our emotional wellbeing, it can typically become blocked due to emotional wounds or past trauma which have not been processed.

This could include challenging relationships in your childhood, damaging romantic relationships or trauma caused by physical experiences earlier in your life. 

The Heart Chakra can also become blocked due to physical illnesses concerning the chest and heart. 

Heart Chakra blockage symptoms can manifest themselves differently for different people. But common signs that your Fourth Chakra is blocked, include:

  • An inability to forgive and move on from past grudges
  • Dwelling on past relationships
  • Trust issues
  • Abandonment issues
  • Commitment issues
  • Feelings of loneliness
  • A tendency to be defensive and push people away
  • Over-giving and prioritizing others at the expense of yourself
  • Feelings of anxiety and stress
  • Physical illnesses, including heart and lung issues such as heart palpitations, high/low blood pressure, or respiratory issues

How to Unblock and Open your Heart Chakra

Luckily, there are lots of different Heart Chakra healing methods that you can try if you feel that your Anahata is blocked or closed:

Chakra Healing Meditation

Meditation is a really powerful way to work on your chakras, as it clears the mind and helps us to channel our focus and energy on individual chakras. There are lots of different ways to meditate, including body scan meditation and visualization. Read our guide to how to heal your chakras with meditation.

Heart Chakra Affirmations

Affirmations are a great way to reprogram mental patterns and encourage positive thoughts. An affirmation is a positive statement which supports your personal growth. 

For example, you might use a Heart Chakra affirmation such as: “I love myself unconditionally.

You can say affirmations in the morning to programme your mind for the day ahead, or you could consider adding affirmations to your yoga practice or meditation routine. 

Heart chakra affirmations
Heart Chakra affirmations

Heart Opening Chakra Crystals

There are specific chakra crystals which can help with healing the Heart Chakra. Certain crystals and stones have particular properties and vibrational frequencies which can help us to work through emotional issues.

For example, Rose quartz is believed to have a soothing, healing energy which can help us with processing challenging emotions such as when going through a relationship breakup or grieving.

You can use chakra stones as part of a chakra healing meditation practice or simply wear them as chakra jewelry to feel the healing benefits. Some chakra candles also contain crystals.

Gratitude Journaling 

Journaling allows you to tap into your inner emotions and beliefs, so it can be a really effective way to work through emotional issues that might be blocking your Heart Chakra. 

The trick is to find a quiet spot and write down everything that comes into your mind without judgment. About 15 to 20 minutes is usually enough time for your emotions to start flowing freely.

Using Heart Chakra journal prompts can be a useful way to get started, such as: “What are three moments when I have felt deeply loved?

For other ways to work on your energy centers, check out our 20 ways to heal your chakras. 

Does a Chakra Stay Open Once it Has Been Opened?

There are lots of different views as to whether a chakra stays open once it’s been opened. Some believe that the chakras open and close frequently, while others believe that certain chakras stay open all the time.

It helps to think of the chakras as live energy centers which are impacted by our emotions, physical health and external circumstances. As such, they need to be looked after as you would a living being. 

If we allow emotional, physical or spiritual issues to build up, then we can find that these energy centers become blocked or closed even after they have previously been unblocked and opened. 

This is why chakra healing is an ongoing practice that you should incorporate into your life, just like exercise or a healthy diet. 


So hopefully now you know what it means to open your Heart Chakra and the symptoms to look out for.

Opening any chakra is an ongoing process which takes time and patience. You may find that your Heart Chakra opens all at once and you are overwhelmed with emotions or you may find that you experience one or two of the symptoms in this article as your chakra slowly opens. 

An open Heart Chakra is incredibly beneficial to your life, so it is worth taking time to work on this important energy center. 


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