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What is the Base Chakra?

What is the Base Chakra?

The Base Chakra is the first of the seven primary chakras. It’s also known as the Root Chakra, Muladhara or First Chakra.

The name Base Chakra originates from a translation of a Sanskrit word (Sanskrit is an ancient Indian language). Muladhara comes from the Sanskrit words – Mula which means “root” and Adhara, meaning “base” – giving it the names Root Chakra or Base Chakra.

The word base also reflects the role of the Base Chakra in the energy system.

It is the foundation of our energy system and essential to our subtle body, which includes the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of our being. 

The Base Chakra is represented by a red lotus flower with 4 petals. 

chakra body map
Chakra body map

The Base Chakra is located at the base of the spine. It is connected to our lower body, the adrenal glands and our digestive system. The element for the Base Chakra is Earth – this is because the Base Chakra is concerned with our connection to Mother Earth and our primal needs.

When the Base Chakra is balanced we feel safe, secure and strong. All our basic physical and emotional needs are met and we can focus on the higher chakras. 

When it’s out of balance we feel fear, anxiety and even depression. These negative energies can manifest themselves in different ways such as a disconnection from other people, or an obsession with working or accumulating wealth.

Every person will experience a Base Chakra imbalance differently but at its heart, it causes us to feel insecure in ourselves and fearful about the future. 

There’s lots of ways to heal the Base Chakra, including:

  • Base Chakra aromatherapy – Certain essential oils are very beneficial to the Base Chakra. Whether used in body massage or simply added to an oil burner or vapourizer, aromatherapy can be an effective way to reduce stress and help you connect with this energy centre.
  • Base Chakra yoga poses – Yoga poses and asanas which focus on relaxing and healing your lower body can be a useful way to target the physical effects of a Base Chakra imbalance which can include lower back pain, digestive issues and leg pains.
  • Base Chakra crystal healing – Certain precious stones and crystals are said to emit healing vibrations which can heal the energy of your Base Chakra. You can wear healing chakra jewelry or simply place healing crystals around your home to get the benefit.
  • Base Chakra meditation – Meditation is a powerful way to improve your mental state. Base Chakra meditation can take many forms but ultimately it involves clearing your mind and enabling you to reconnect with your Root Chakra so you can work on healing it. You can also burn chakra candles while meditating to help release negative energies and focus the mind.
  • Base Chakra affirmations – Repeating positive affirmations can be an effective way to challenge negative thought patterns and channel positive energies to your Base Chakra. Some people like to combine these with Base Chakra healing sounds such as saying the word LAM (the seed mantra for the Base Chakra).
Follow along with our Base Chakra meditation on YouTube

You can mix and match different Base Chakra healing techniques until you find a combination which works for you. 


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