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What is the Root Chakra Frequency? (Sound Healing Explained)

What is the Root Chakra Frequency? (Sound Healing Explained)

What are chakra frequencies and how do they promote healing?

Music and sound have been used in healing practices for thousands of years, from Australian Aborigines playing the didgeridoo during spiritual ceremonies, to Buddhist Monks using Tibetan singing bowls during meditation.

Sound healing with vibrational frequencies is a popular way to balance the chakras but what is the best frequency for the Root Chakra? Read on to find out. 

Key Takeaway

  • Root Chakra frequency: 396Hz
  • Root Chakra musical note: C

What is Sound Healing?

Sound healing is a form of therapy which uses sound frequencies to harmonize and balance the body and mind. Sound healing can involve lots of different instruments and can often be combined with other chakra healing practices like yoga or chakra meditation.

It has been used across different civilizations for thousands of years but it’s only recently that scientists have started to find evidence to suggest that sound healing can be beneficial for pain relief and relieving mental ailments like anxiety. 

There are lots of different aspects to sound healing. One of the most influential ideas within the field of sound healing is the concept of Solfeggio Frequencies – these frequencies interact with our energy fields and there are individual frequencies for each of the major chakras. 

What are Solfeggio Frequencies?

Solfeggio Frequencies are a collection of specific sounds which are believed to have a significant impact on our physical and spiritual bodies. 

The Solfeggio Frequencies are said to have been discovered by physician Dr. Joseph Puleo in the 1970s who identified six tonal frequencies based on mathematical numeral reduction involving ancient texts.

However, It is believed that these fundamental sounds were used long before in Christianity, Eastern Indian religions and chanted by Gregorian Monks during rituals. 

The six frequencies on the Solfeggio scale each have individual properties which have different effects on our conscious and subconscious being. In recent years, additional Solfeggio Frequencies have been discovered which are thought to provide additional health benefits.

There is an individual Solfeggio Frequency for each of the seven major chakras – the Root ChakraSacral ChakraSolar Plexus ChakraHeart ChakraThroat ChakraThird Eye Chakra, and Crown Chakra.

How Do Frequencies Heal Chakras?

Each chakra responds to a specific Solfeggio Frequency, known as harmonic resonance. 

When the frequency wave interacts with the specific chakra, it causes the chakra to vibrate at the same frequency. Through this harmonic resonance, the frequency wave transmits healing energy to the chakra which can help to unblock or balance the chakra to bring it to optimum health.

This in turn can result in a number of benefits for the physical body including lower blood pressure, improved sleep and pain relief, as well as mental health benefits such as relief from anxiety, depression and stress

The seven Primary Chakras

The Best Frequency for the Root Chakra

The Root Chakra frequency is 396 Hz. Listening to this particular frequency is thought to have other specific benefits such as:

  • Helping to reduce feelings of guilt
  • Helping to overcome feelings of fear
  • Reducing negative thoughts and beliefs in the subconscious
Listen to audio tracks featuring the 396Hz Root Chakra frequency

Musical Notes and the Chakras

Each of the seven major chakras are also associated with specific notes, which like the Solfeggio Frequencies, are thought to emit electromagnetic radiations which heal the chakras.

The Root Chakra is commonly associated with the musical note C.

Find out more about the Sacral Chakra frequency.

Chakra Frequencies Chart

Check out our handy chakra frequencies chart for an overview of the musical notes and frequencies for the seven primary chakras:

Primary ChakraFrequencyMusical Note
Root Chakra396 HzC
Sacral Chakra417 HzD
Solar Plexus Chakra528 HzE
Heart Chakra639 HzF
Throat Chakra741 HzG
Third Eye Chakra852 HzA
Crown Chakra963 HzB
Chakra frequencies chart
chakra sound frequencies
Chakra sound frequencies

Tools for Sound Frequency Therapy

There are all kinds of different tools which can be used in sound frequency therapy. Tibetan singing bowls, gongs and tuning forks have been used since ancient times in chakra healing practices, but there are plenty of other tools including:  

You can also use your voice to balance the chakras by chanting mantras. The sound mantra for the Root Chakra is “LAM”. You can use a tuning fork to make sure you are chanting the right tone for the Root Chakra. 

You can also combine multiple sound healing instruments to create a sound bath, which involves being “bathed” in sound waves. 

During a sound bath, participants will usually lie down completely still as they are washed in a range of sounds. There is no melody or beat.

The range of sounds harmonizes the body and mind and clears blockages within the listeners’ energy fields. 

How to Practise Sound Healing for the Root Chakra

There are just as many different sound healing techniques as there are tools, but if you’re new to sound healing then you might like to follow this simple approach using a Root chakra singing bowl to balance your Root Chakra. 

  1. Find a quiet spot where you won’t be disturbed. 
  2. Sit with your back straight. If you’re sitting on the floor, use a cushion as you need to be comfortable. Hold the Root Chakra singing bowl in your hands. 
  3. Close your eyes and take some deep breaths to relax your mind and body.
  4. Focus on your Root Chakra. It might help to visualize a red glow at the location of your Root Chakra, in your pelvis above your tailbone. 
  5. Rub the rim of the Root Chakra singing bowl or alternatively hit the rim with the mallet. Hit it gently to begin with and then up the intensity if you find that the sound disappears too quickly.
  6. Continue to gently hit or rub the signing bowl until you feel complete relaxation and connection with the Root Chakra. 10 – 15 minutes is usually long enough for beginners. 
  7. You could also chant the Root Chakra mantra “LAM” at the same time as you hit the bowl. Make sure you use the same musical tone as the singing bowl.  
  8. When you’re ready, open your eyes and give gratitude to yourself and your Root Chakra. 

Read our guide to using a singing bowl to heal your chakras.

Can I Really Use Music for Chakra Healing?

Sound therapy has been found to be hugely beneficial to the human body. Certain sounds trigger mood boosting hormones, whilst other sounds promote deep relaxation and relieve anxiety.

Sound has a profound effect on the subtle body, connecting the physical with the mental and spiritual. So it’s not surprising that sound healing is beneficial for our chakras, the energy centers which connect our physical and spiritual lives. 

So it seems that sound healing and music can really help with chakra healing. 

The exact frequencies and musical notes associated with each of the chakras is often debated and you may find different notes or frequencies recommended in different sound healing traditions.

So why not start with the Root Chakra frequency of 396 Hz or the musical note C and then experiment with other frequencies as you become more comfortable with sound healing. 


Using the right sound frequency for the Root Chakra can be a really useful way to open and support the flow of energy to this chakra.

Not only that, sound healing comes with plenty of scientifically proven benefits which will help with a range of health conditions, so why not give it a try today. 


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