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Which Way Do Chakras Spin? (And What to Do If They’re Not Spinning)

Which Way Do Chakras Spin? (And What to Do If They’re Not Spinning)

Chakras are vital energy points in our body which direct the flow of life energy around our physical and spiritual body. 

They are like dynamic vortexes or disks, also referred to as cogs or wheels (the word Chakra is derived from the word cakra in Sanskrit which means “wheel”).

But which way do chakras spin and why is that important? If you find that your chakras are not spinning, what should you do? In this article, we explore just that.

Why Do the Chakras Spin?

Chakras spin in order to move energy around the body. They act like gateways, receiving energy from the universe, transforming it and directing it around our physical and spiritual bodies. 

The chakras are connected by nadis and meridians, which are channels through which life force energy (also known as prana) is carried throughout our being, feeding our physical, emotional and spiritual actions.

Nadis and meridians can be thought of as rivers of energy. The word Nadis is derived from the word “nad” in Sanskrit which means “flow” in the sense of flowing water.

The three main nadis are the Ida, Pingala and Sushumna and they are all connected to the seven major chakras as well as a multitude of other minor and micro chakras. The seven major chakras are found along the Sushumna, the central energy channel which passes along our spinal cord.

Kundalini body map
Kundalini body map

So it’s clear that movement is central to the role of our chakras.

However the word “wheel” can actually be a little misleading. A wheel usually moves in one direction whereas chakras can move in different directions and at different speeds.  

Which Way Does Each Chakra Spin?

Honestly, there is no definitive answer when it comes to chakras spinning. 

Some believe that when our chakras are open and balanced then they spin in a clockwise direction, spinning energy away from the bottom of our spines to the crown of our heads. On the contrary, when a chakra is blocked or unbalanced then it may spin counter-clockwise. 

Others believe that the chakras spin in a clockwise direction in order to release energy out of the body, while chakras spin anti clockwise in order to pull energy from the external world into our being. 

Whether the chakras flow clockwise or the chakras are spinning counterclockwise is said to depend on the frequency of chakric vibrations.

How Fast Should Chakras Spin?

Balance is key to the healthy functioning of our chakras. When the chakras are in an optimum state, they will spin at a steady, consistent pace and the body and mind will be in harmony.

Imbalances and blockages in the chakras can result in energy fluctuations or overactive chakras which can manifest themselves in various physical, emotional and spiritual ailments. 

How to Measure the Spin of Your Chakras

Some believe that pendulums can reveal the speed and direction of chakra spinning.

By holding a pendulum above the chakra in question, you can watch the direction that the pendulum moves in – clockwise spinning means the chakra is open while counterclockwise spinning means the chakra is blocked. 

You can also find trained energy healers who can sense what direction the chakras are spinning in and feel for any energy blockages.   

What Happens If Your Chakras are Not Spinning?

If your chakras are not spinning then they cannot transform and direct healing energy around the subtle body. Energy can get stuck or blocked. A chakra blockage can cause all sorts of physical, emotional and spiritual issues. 

If you’re experiencing particular ailments and illnesses, then the first thing to do is analyse your symptoms and consider which chakra could be requiring healing.

Once you have identified what could be causing your issues and the chakra involved, then start experimenting with different chakra healing techniques

How to use a pendulum with your chakras
How to use a pendulum with your chakras


The topic of chakra spinning direction is fascinating and open to all kinds of debate. But the main thing to remember is that as long as you’re in tune with your physical and emotional health, your chakra spinning direction doesn’t really matter as you’ll be able to sense if your chakras need healing.

If you’re suffering with a particular ailment then it’s likely that the chakra associated with that physical or emotional centre needs your attention. Have a look at our 20 ways to heal your chakras guide


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