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Hey there! I’m Clare

A few years ago, I found myself feeling burnt out and drained. Despite trying to eat well and exercising regularly, I still felt stressed, overwhelmed and directionless.

One day in a yoga class, the teacher started talking about chakras and the importance of balancing the energy within us. This sparked my interest and after doing some reading up on chakras I realised that this could be a new, more holistic way for me to support my whole wellbeing.

Since then I’ve read countless books on chakras and energetic healing, attended spiritual yoga retreats and completed chakra courses (including Effective Energy Healing by Melissa Crowhurst which I highly recommend!).

I’ve experimented with all kinds of chakra healing practices (meditation and yoga are still my go tos!) and I continue to explore new techniques. Chakra Practice began as a passion project – a way of me keeping a record of new ideas I read and new tools I wanted to try out on my spiritual journey. As my life has become more hectic (as the mother of a very busy toddler!) Chakra Practice is my little peaceful escape – and I hope it can be for you too!

On the site, you’ll also find a range of products which I’ve created to support my own spiritual growth, including candles, books and audio tracks. I keep returning to these products whenever I need a bit of extra support with calming down at the end of the day and tunning into my chakras.

Thanks for stopping by!
Clare 💖