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What Color is the Root Chakra?

What Color is the Root Chakra?

It has been scientifically proven that colors have a big impact on our emotions and mental state. So it comes as no surprise that each of the chakras has its own particular color.

In this article we look at the color of the Root Chakra, what it means and why it’s important for Root Chakra healing.

Chakras and Their Colors

Each of the seven main chakras has a particular color which reflects the characteristics of that energy center:

  • The Root Chakra – Symbolising our connection to the earth and basic survival – Color Red
  • The Sacral Chakra – Symbolising vitality, creativity and sexuality – Color Orange
  • The Solar Plexus Chakra – Symbolising identity and self confidence – Color Yellow
  • The Heart Chakra – Symbolising love and compassion – Color Green
  • The Throat Chakra – Symbolising communication and self expression – Color Blue
  • The Third Eye Chakra – Symbolising wisdom and imagination – Color Purple
  • The Crown Chakra – Symbolising divinity and higher consciousness – Color Violet or White

The Root Chakra Color

The color of the Root Chakra is red and it is symbolized by a lotus flower with four petals. The Root Chakra also known as Muladhara chakra or the Red Chakra is the first of the seven main chakras. 

It is the foundation for all the other chakras and it is through the Root Chakra that life force energy flows through to the other energy centers. 

Root chakra location
Root Chakra location

What is the Red Chakra’s Purpose?

The Root Chakra, or Red Chakra as it is sometimes known, represents our connection to the earth and our primal survival instincts. The Root Chakra is linked to the Earth element.

It is linked to our need for shelter, food and freedom from fear. When the Root Chakra is balanced our basic needs are being addressed and we feel secure and stable. When it is unbalanced or blocked our mental health can suffer and we may feel anxious, overwhelmed and experience fear and panic attacks. 

The Root Chakra is located at the base of the spine and is linked to the physical lower body. When we have an underactive Root Chakra we can experience physical issues such as fatigue and digestive issues.

The three main energy channels (known as the Nadis) are thought to spring from the Root Chakra and run up the body to the Crown Chakra. 

Kundalini body map
The Kundalini Body Map

What Does the Color Red Symbolize?

The Red Chakra color means strength, passion and courage. It is often associated with the physical body and our primal needs, with the red of the Root Chakra symbol mirroring the red hue of our blood and organs.

chakra colors chart
Chakra colors chart

What are Aura Colors?

Aura colors are different to chakra colors but there is still quite a bit of crossover. Each of us has an aura – an invisible energy field surrounding us. These subtle energies can be affected by our feelings and moods. Auras have particular colors and these colors say a lot about our personalities and how we are feeling. 

Aura colors tend to reflect the colors of the seven main chakras. For example, if you have a red aura, you are thought to be strong and secure in your life, just like when your Root Chakra is balanced. 

Why Do Chakra Colors Matter?

Understanding the colors of the chakras can help us to heal and balance these energy centers more effectively and work through chakra blockages. Color therapy, also known as chromotherapy, involves using colors to support mental and physical wellbeing.

Certain colors promote certain emotional responses in our bodies. For example the color blue evokes calm and serenity, while the color yellow evokes optimism and vibrancy. 

We can use color therapy to support a balanced Root Chakra by using red Root Chakra candles during chakra meditation or yoga practice.. Using chakra candles can not only help to focus the mind but also support energy healing.

When combined with red chakra crystals and precious stones, it can be a powerful way to boost the flow of energy to and from the Muladhara.

You can also practice chakra color meditation, which involves visualizing the color of the chakra you want to work on and focusing your mind on the color as you meditate. 

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How to Dress to Boost the Red Chakra

It is not just candles and crystals that can impact your Root Chakra, you can also support the Red Chakra with the clothes and accessories that you wear. 

You know how putting on a bold red dress or a bright earth toned scarf can suddenly make you feel ready for the world? Well, when you wear the Root Chakra color of red you are channeling the feelings of strength and confidence that this energy center is responsible for. 

You will feel more secure and grounded, in other words you will be helping to balance your Root Chakra  when you wear the Root Chakra color. 

Start Channelling Red Root Energy

Colors have a big impact on our emotions and mental state. That’s why it’s so important to recognise the colors of the chakras and use them to balance these energy centers and support our wellbeing. 


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