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What is the Root Chakra Symbol?

What is the Root Chakra Symbol?

Have you ever looked closely to see what makes up the Root Chakra symbol? And what does the Root Chakra symbol mean?

Read on to learn about its significance, origins of the Root Chakra symbol and its divine qualities. 

What is the Root Chakra?

The Root Chakra, known as Muladhara in Sanskrit language, is one of the seven primary chakras. The term “Muladhara” comes from mula, meaning “root”, and adhara, meaning “support” or “foundation”.

The Root Chakra is associated with the element of earth and symbolizes the foundation of your life and spiritual being. It is responsible for our survival instincts, sense of safety and foundational energy.

It is the first of the seven major chakras, found at the base of the spinal column which is why it is sometimes known as the Base Chakra

Root Chakra location

Root Chakra Symbol Origins

The Muladhara Chakra symbol dates back to ancient times when symbols were commonly used to convey spiritual meaning.

One of the first recordings of the symbol was in the Hindu Vedas (an ancient spiritual text) which originated in India around 1500 BC. 

Symbol Attributes

Each aspect of the symbol design plays a crucial role in conveying the Root Chakra’s overall meaning and energy.


The Root Chakra symbol is made up of a lotus flower with four petals. At the center of these petals, there is a circle and within the circle there is a square with an inverted triangle inside.

On each of the four petals, you will often see the Sanskrit characters ‘Va’, ‘Scha’, ‘Shai’, and ‘Sa’, which are collectively known as the “Voice of Vishnu” (Vishnu is a Hindu deity).


The color associated with the Root Chakra symbol is red. This vibrant hue embodies the energy and life force that flows through this chakra, connecting you to your physical body and the material world.

Red symbolizes strength, stability, and security, essential characteristics of a balanced Root Chakra.

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root chakra symbol
Root Chakra Symbol

Root Chakra Symbol Meaning

The Lotus Flower

The lotus flower has long been used as a symbol of spiritual awakening and the unfolding of higher consciousness so it’s no surprise that it forms the basis of the Muladhara Chakra symbol.

The Petals

Some believe that each of the lotus petals of the Root Chakra symbol depicts different aspects of the human psyche:

  1. Mind
  2. Intellect
  3. Consciousness, and
  4. Ego Source

These four petals represent the birth of human consciousness and spiritual awakening from which the Kundalini Spirit rises and the other energy centers can be activated.

Another interpretation is that the petals represent Earth, Water, Fire, and Air – the four earth elements which are required for our existence and basic survival. 

The Circle

The divine circle used in the Root Chakra symbol signifies the continuous movement of energy and is often used to represent unity and wholeness. A healthy Root Chakra provides a harmonious state for the whole chakra system to flourish and for our energy to move within a sacred circle.

The Square

The square is thought to represent a strong and stable structure just like a house. It is the stable foundation for all the other energy centers. 

Inverted Triangle

An essential part of the Root Chakra symbol is the upside-down triangle found within the lotus. This downward facing triangle represents the flow of grounding energy, connecting you to the earth and rooting you in your physical existence. It’s also the alchemical symbol for earth.

By strengthening your connection to the earth element and your human body, you can create a more stable foundation for personal growth and spiritual connection.

chakra colors chart
Chakra Colors Chart

Incorporating the Root Chakra Symbol into Daily Life

Art and Decoration

Adding the Root Chakra symbol to your daily life can help you connect with your life force energy and strength of the Root Chakra. One way to do this is through art and decorations in your home or workspace.

For example, you could

  • Hang a painting or print of the Root Chakra symbol on your wall
  • Choose pillows or blankets with the symbol embroidered or printed
  • Place a statue or image of the lotus on your desk or shelf

These visual representations can serve as reminders to stay grounded and connected to your roots. They can also serve as a focal point during meditation to support a healthy Root Chakra. 

Muladhara print
Muladhara print

Jewelry and Accessories

Wearing chakra jewelry or accessories that include the Muladhara Chakra symbol can also provide an easy way to incorporate its energy into your daily life. This can encourage balance and stability as you go about your day and help to unblock your Root Chakra.

For example, you could:

These items can serve as reminders to tap into the strength and grounding energy of the Root Chakra whenever you need it. Remember to cleanse and recharge your jewelry and accessories periodically to maintain their energy and effectiveness.

By incorporating the Root Chakra symbol into both your personal space and the items you wear, you can better connect with its grounding energy and keep it present in your daily life. 

Red chakra pendant
Red Chakra pendant


The Root Chakra symbol serves as a reminder that, as humans, we are grounded and connected to the earth, drawing stability and strength from it.

Engage with the Root Chakra symbol and its energy and allow the color red to inspire feelings of grounding and stability in your life. Reflect on your connection to your physical body, and use this symbol as a reminder to remain centered, strong, and secure.

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