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How to Astral Project With the Third Eye Chakra

How to Astral Project With the Third Eye Chakra

Discover everything you need to know about astral projection, from what the astral realm is to how to astral project safely with your Third Eye Chakra.

Many believe astral projection can open your mind to unseen energies and planes of existence beyond the physical world. In many spiritual practices, the Third Eye Chakra is believed to be the gateway to the astral realm.

By focusing energy on your third eye, you can shift your awareness and consciousness to access astral projection. Read on to learn how to astral project with your third eye chakra.

What Is Astral Projection?

Astral projection is an out-of-body experience where your consciousness (via the astral body) separates from your physical body and travels to the astral realm. This mystical practice has been used for centuries by metaphysical practitioners to explore higher states of consciousness.

The astral body is an energetic, subtle body that exists beyond your physical body. It’s composed of your consciousness and energy body.

Many spiritual guides believe that during astral projection, the astral body remains connected to your physical body by a silver cord. This allows your consciousness to travel to the astral plane while your physical body rests. Your astral body appears in the astral realm as an exact copy of your physical self.

Astral projection is often done through lucid dreaming, deep meditation, or the trance state in between waking and sleep known as the hypnagogic state. With enough practice, you can train yourself to induce an out-of-body experience and access the astral plane whenever you want.

Astral projection is believed to deliver many benefits ranging from a deep sense of peace, deeper levels of consciousness and philosophical wisdom.

The Connection Between the Third Eye and Astral Projection

The Third Eye Chakra, or Ajna Chakra, is located between your eyebrows. This chakra governs your intuition, wisdom, imagination, and ability to visualize. It’s known as the inner eye that oversees your higher consciousness.

Activating your Third Eye is essential for astral projection. When your Third Eye is awake and energized, it strengthens your intuition and inner vision. This heightened state makes it easier for your astral body to detach and travel the astral realm.

The Third Eye Chakra also governs the dream state and visualizations. By focusing your attention and prana towards your Third Eye, you can induce visions, lucid dreams, and psychic abilities.

The more you activate this chakra, the easier it becomes to separate your astral body from your physical form.

Third Eye Chakra location
Third Eye Chakra location

What Is the Astral Realm?

The astral realm, also known as the astral plane or astral dimension, is a subtle non-physical realm that co-exists alongside the physical world. Many describe the astral plane as feeling like an immersive and surreal dreamscape, almost like a near-death experience.

The environments and beings inhabiting the astral realm often have a radiant or luminous appearance. Some areas appear similar to the physical world but with a more dreamlike, fantasy-based twist. Other parts of the astral realm are completely abstract mental spaces, unlike anything we can experience on Earth.

The astral realm operates under different laws than the physical world. Here, thoughts and emotions manifest instantly into your perceived reality. By focusing your awareness, you can intentionally reshape your astral environment using just your mind. With practice, you can even create your own experiences within the realm. 

Traveling through the astral plane feels fluid; you can float up, down, backward, or travel to new locations rapidly. Physical objects have less form and solidity, often morphing and changing at will based on your thoughts.

Getting Ready to Astral Project

Astral projection takes practice, especially for beginners. Here are some tips to prepare your mind and body to help induce an out-of-body experience:

Create a Safe, Calm Space Without Distractions

Projecting requires deep relaxation. Having a peaceful environment helps relax your body and mind for projection.  Here are some ways to create the perfect space for astral projection:

  • Choose a quiet, private area where you won’t be disturbed
  • Adjust the temperature so the room is comfortably warm
  • Play soft ambient or binaural beats in the background
  • Burn chakra candles or incense to set a calming mood
  • Use crystals and meditation tools to focus your energy
  • Use lamps or salt lamps to create a subdued lighting
  • Remove any clutter or distracting devices like phones
Play chakra frequencies in the background to quieten mental chatter and help you focus.

Use Tools to Focus Your Mind

Certain items can enhance your meditation and focus:

  • Mala prayer beads for mantra chanting
  • Incense or essential oils that aid meditation
  • Tarot cards to reflect on symbolism and guidance
  • Chakra crystals, crystal grids or orgone pyramids placed around your space to direct energy
  • Singing bowls, chimes, or gongs to create relaxing sound frequencies

Get Clear on Your Intention

Get clear on what you want to gain from your astral projection experience, for example “to grow and develop your intuition”. Choose an intention that resonates with you and state it out-loud so you really absorb its meaning.

You could also ask spirit guides for protection and assistance during your astral journey. Having clear intentions will help prevent you from aimless wandering.

How to Astral Project Safely – A Guide to the Rope Method

One effective technique for conscious astral projection is called the rope method. This step-by-step approach uses your Third Eye to induce an OBE (out-of-body experience) safely and with control:

Lie Down and Relax

Get comfortable lying down flat on your back in your safe space. Use pillows to support your head and body if needed, and loosen any constrictive clothing so you feel totally at ease.

Now, close your eyes and take several long, deep breaths. As you’re breathing, scan your body from head to toe, relaxing any tension you notice with each exhale. Try to release any tightness in your muscles.

Let your body feel heavy and invite deep relaxation to permeate every cell.

Focus on Your Breathing

Keep breathing slowly and deeply into your belly, visualizing your breath descending through your body.

Place one hand on your stomach and feel it rise with each inhale. Exhale smoothly through your mouth, envisioning stress melting away.

Focus only on your breath, letting go of any distracting thoughts. If your mind wanders, gently return your attention to your inhale and exhale.

Let Your Mind Move Towards the Hypnagogic State

As you continue breathing deeply, imagine your body and mind relaxing even deeper with each exhalation. Allow your thoughts to slow down as if you are drifting into sleep, yet remain aware in the present moment.

Pay attention to any sensations, colors, or imagery that arise behind your closed eyelids while letting your mind wander freely. You may notice your breathing becomes shallow and irregular when entering the trance-like state just on the edge of wakefulness.

Focus on Your Body Parts

Once in a deeply relaxed state, bring your awareness to your feet. Feel the weight and warmth of your feet sinking into the surface below you.

Slowly expand your attention up through your ankles, calves, knees, and thighs, relaxing any residual tension. Then, move upwards through your hips, abdomen, chest, back, fingers, wrists, arms, shoulders, and neck.

The goal here is to scan and feel your entire body from head to toe while letting go of stress and tension.

Focus on the Third Eye Chakra

Bring your attention to the center of your forehead where your Third Eye is located. Imagine a glowing indigo or deep purple lotus flower blooming at this spot, opening its petals as you exhale.

Imagine this energy center brimming with protective light. 

Tune Into Vibrations

As you maintain focus on your Third Eye, you may notice subtle vibrations arising in your body. This is your astral body loosening from your physical form.

When you feel these vibrations, mindfully observe the sensations. Breathe deeply and slowly into any areas that feel vibrational. Envision the vibrations intensifying as your astral body further releases.

Become Aware of the Rope

Picture a large silver cord extending from the crown of your head upwards into infinity. Mentally trace along the path of the cord high above your body.

As you follow the cord upwards with your mind’s eye, imagine your astral body gently lifting up, still connected to your physical form by the imaginary rope.

Release any remaining attachment to your physical body and allow your spirit to rise up fully. Know that this rope represents your anchor, keeping you safely tethered to your physical body as you journey.

Let Go and Explore

With your astral body lifted, continue visualizing the silver rope as your grounding link below you. Begin to explore the spiritual realm that emerges, taking your time to get oriented.

Move through your new environment slowly and with purpose. Ask your spirit guides to join you in love and protection. Move towards areas or experiences that feel full of light and keep yourself open to heavenly bodies and spiritual beings.

Return to Your Body

When you wish to complete your astral journey, move your astral body back towards the silver rope until you are above your physical body.

Mentally follow yourself down through the silver cord until you merge back into your physical form.

Wiggle your fingers and toes to re-anchor, take your time opening your eyes and moving your body, then welcome yourself back to the physical realm and reflect on your experiences.

With regular practice using this technique, you can achieve mastery over your astral projections. 

how to astral project
How to astral project

What Does Astral Projection Feel Like?

Astral projection is a deeply personal experience so everyone will experience it differently. It can feel like:

  • Vibrations, tingling, or surges of energy flowing through the body as the astral body begins to separate
  • Feeling light as a feather or weightless outside the human body
  • A floating sensation as the astral body lifts up
  • Heightened senses, vivid visions, white light and brighter colors
  • Lucid, vivid dreams or visiting unworldly realms
  • Euphoria, feelings of limitless freedom and intense bliss
  • Mental clarity and enhanced intuition
  • Deep relaxation and release from all physical tension
  • An energetic connection between the physical and astral bodies

The more you project, the easier it becomes to induce these states. With practice, you can access the astral realm at will for healing, self-discovery, or mystical exploration.

The Benefits of Astral Projection for the Chakras

Astral projection powerfully energizes your chakra system. Its a spiritual experience that can help to bring life force energy to your chakra system and even help with kundalini awakening. This intense activation opens your chakras wider promoting healing, empowerment, and spiritual growth.

Specifically, regular astral projection awakens your Third eye. By repeatedly stimulating this chakra, you enhance your intuition, psychic senses, and ability to visualize internally. This expands your higher perception between worlds.

Astral travel can also help balance your upper chakras with your lower chakras. Powerful Crown Chakra activation helps channel divine cosmic energy into your being. While a charged Root Chakra grounds this intense spiritual force into the earth.

Overall, astral projection brings profound empowerment as you consciously explore realms beyond the physical. Journeying frequently promotes energy flow through your entire chakra column. You return with renewed inspiration, inner wisdom, and access to your highest spiritual purpose.

Wrapping Up

Astral projection is a transformative metaphysical practice that can expand your awareness substantially. By focusing on your Third Eye Chakra, you can shift your consciousness beyond the physical body to access unseen dimensions.

With time and dedication, you can develop your astral projection abilities to discover inner truths and explore astral domains. Just remember to always focus on your higher purpose and stay grounded in universal love.


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