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What is the Merkaba Symbol? (+ How to Use it)

What is the Merkaba Symbol? (+ How to Use it)

What is the Merkaba Symbol? Read and explore its origins, applications, and transformative power for personal enlightenment and healing!

The Merkaba symbol, also spelled ‘Merkabah,’ is a prominent sign in sacred geometry, holding deep metaphysical meanings.

Comprising two opposing three-dimensional triangles, this sacred Jewish symbol intertwines interesting mathematical properties with rich symbolism. It was vital in spiritual and religious practices throughout history, as well as in classical art and architecture.

Join us as we explore the ancient origins, cultural significance, and transformative power of the Merkaba symbol. We’ll illuminate the sacred symbol’s profound meaning and reveal its potential for personal enlightenment.

What are the Mathematical Properties of the Merkaba Symbol?

This powerful symbol is formed by two intersecting star tetrahedrons (three-dimensional triangular pyramids). This is important as it tells us about the significance of the Merkaba:

Symmetry and Harmony

The symbol is entirely symmetrical and this represents the balance and harmony of the universe, such as the balance between masculine and feminine energies or light and darkness. It embodies the harmonious balance between opposing forces, illustrating the interconnectedness of all existence.

Golden Ratio

According to some spiritual traditions, the Merkaba symbol contains the golden ratio –  a mathematical constant that appears in nature and many classic works of art.

Connection Between the Spiritual Realm and the Physical World

The top tetrahedron is often seen as representing spiritual evolution and ascension while the downward facing tetrahedron represents the material or physical self. Together, they are the fusion of spirit and body surrounded by divine light.

Merkaba Symbol
The Merkaba Symbol

What is the Meaning of the Merkaba Symbol?

Derived from the Hebrew word meaning chariot or vehicle, Merkaba is a profound symbol with roots in ancient Egyptian terms: Mer (light), Ka (spirit), and Ba (body).

Some traditions believe it offers protection and serves as a conduit for elevating consciousness to higher dimensions. Others regard the Merkaba as a divine vehicle to maintain balance in one’s spiritual journey.

Believers often link this sacred shape with transformation and expansion of consciousness. Interweaving the physical and spiritual realms, it acts as a catalyst or vehicle of light for spiritual evolution.

The History of Merkaba

Experts believe that the Merkaba originally emerged between 100 and 1000 CE, with references in the Old Testament Bible, especially in Ezekiel 1.4-26, detailing the chariot of the throne of God.

Throughout the Middle Ages, references to the Merkaba ancient symbol surfaced in the literature of the Hasidei Ashkenaz, a renowned Jewish movement.

Historical evidence also points to the presence of Merkabah mysticism in Palestine during the 1st century AD, shifting later to Babylonia, where it thrived from the 7th to the 11th century.

Sacred Geometry

While deeply rooted in the Torah and embedded in Jewish symbolism, the Merkaba’s significance extends beyond its historical ties. It’s also intricately connected to sacred geometry.

Sacred geometry involves the exploration of divine-inspired geometric patterns in nature, art, architecture, and spirituality. The Merkaba symbol uses the Flower of Life pattern, a sacred geometric design.

The Merkaba, within this context, serves as a tool for unlocking heightened consciousness and establishing connections with higher realms.

Experts in sacred geometry also point to the presence of the symbol in nature – in the human body, animals, plants, and microorganisms.

How to Activate Merkaba

Activating the Merkaba that lies within your physical body involves a thoughtful four-step process of meditation. And like most meditation practices, it first requires a quiet and relaxing space.

  • Find a peaceful area for Merkaba meditation, then visualize the intricate geometric shape of the Merkaba. 
  • Focus on the two interlocked pyramids and set them in motion, spinning in opposing directions.
  • Next, picture a light generated from the motion, increasing in intensity as the Merkabah gains momentum. 
  • Focus on breathing techniques and allow the intensifying light to envelope you as an energy field.

The activated Merkaba becomes a shield against negative energies and a source of healing energy. With consistent practice, you can expect profound shifts in your daily life.

How to Use the Merkaba Symbol for Healing

The Merkaba symbol is famous for its powerful healing properties, which can be used in all types of spiritual healing including chakra healing. 

Here are a few ways this ancient symbol can become a conduit for personal transformation, enhancing your physical and spiritual life:

Tune Into Your Third Eye

As the gateway to spiritual life, opening your third eye is crucial for mental clarity and spiritual awareness. A blocked Third Eye Chakra can result in confusion, uncertainty, and a sense of purposelessness.

Meditating with the Merkaba, especially when synchronized with specific breathing techniques, revitalizes energy flow to the pineal gland associated with the third eye.

This process sharpens intuitive abilities, offering insight, decisiveness, and a blissful sense of purpose.

Chakra Cleansing

Regular readers of this blog will know that chakras are vital energy centers in the body, responsible for your body’s energy flow.

However, these energy points can sometimes get blocked or imbalanced. And when they do, it can cause both physical and emotional and spiritual ailments. 

Invoking the Merkaba’s protective energy can help remove these blockages. It ensures a clear flow of pranic energy across all seven chakra points of the body, promoting overall well-being and unlocking your full potential.

To carry out a Merkaba chakra cleanse:

  1. Find a quiet space where you won’t be disturbed.
  2. Close your eyes and steady your breathing, letting go of tension in your body.
  3. Visualize the Merkaba symbol in your mind (or hold a Merkaba crystal in your hand) and imagine the Merkaba directing its healing energy to each of your chakras. 
  4. Begin with the Root Chakra and work through all the chakras until you reach the Crown Chakra. Visualize the Merkaba’s healing energy running through each chakra, clearing stagnant energy and restoring balance. 

Merkaba Meditation

Concentrating on the Merkaba symbol during meditation can help you to work on healing physical and emotional issues, and finding inner peace. But it also offers other practical applications, including a heightened intuition and self-awareness.

To harness the power of the sacred geometry symbol, why not try out the Merkaba meditation process below:

  • Set the Scene: Begin in a comfortable position, sitting or lying down. Close your eyes and take some deep breaths.
  • Visualize the Tetrahedrons: Envision two tetrahedrons around your body, one extending above your head from your knees (male) and the other extending below your feet from your shoulders (female). Imagine them spinning.
  • Activate the Pyramids: Energize each pyramid by visualizing them spinning in opposite directions—male left to right, female right to left. Note any sensations of activation and increased energy.
  • Expand the Light Field: Picture a saucer-like light field expanding around your body. Breathe deeply and slowly as you visualize this growing light body.
  • Focus on Desires: Focus on your desires and the intentions you want to achieve with the Merkaba healing energy. 
  • Express Gratitude: Conclude your visualization by expressing thanks and saying “And So It Is.” Imagine your aura glowing, chakras in tune, and your body and cells turned up to their fullest potential.
  • Finally, ground yourself: Return to your physical body and slowly open your eyes and begin to move your body.

Astral Projection

Another benefit of the Merkaba symbol is as a tool for astral projection.

The symbol can open a gateway to the astral plane, allowing you to journey to the astral plane and commune with spirits, guides, and ethereal entities. People also call it an out-of-body experience or OBE.

There are different ways to use the symbol in astral projection, you can:

  • Use it in rituals to prepare yourself for astral projection – you can call on its protection and guidance throughout your astral journey.
  • Draw the Merkaba symbol around your body or in the space where you will be astral projecting – this can create a protective shield around you when you begin your astral projecting. 
  • Place a Merkaba crystal in the space where you are projecting (or on your altar if you have one) – this can serve as a point of focus which you can use as you begin your astral travel. 

Merkaba Crystals

A Merkaba crystal is a crystal in the form of a Merkaba symbol (a three dimensional tetrahedron). They can be made out of all different types of crystals but they’re often made of quartz.

Like other chakra healing crystals, a Merkaba crystal has certain properties which can help clear energy blockages, support harmony in your energetic field and diffuse negative vibes. 

There are lots of different ways to use Merkaba crystals:

  • You can hold a Merkaba crystal while meditating to focus your mind or place one in front of you to support the flow of divine energy during your practice. 
  • You can also place Merkaba crystals around your home to create protective shields and add spiritual protection to your life.
  • You can add Merkaba crystals to a crystal grid or use one to heal a specific chakra. For example a rose quartz Merkaba crystals could be used to rebalance the Heart Chakra
  • Wear chakra jewelry with Merkaba symbols or Merkaba crystals to carry the energetic healing properties with you all day. 

Which of your chakras need healing?

Support your Personal Enlightenment

The sacred geometry of the Merkaba is woven into spirituality and ancient practices, serving as a conduit for healing, astral exploration, and elevated consciousness.

Through visualization, meditation, and crystal synergy, unlocking the Merkaba’s power reveals a journey toward personal enlightenment. A powerful voyage where body, spirit, and light converge!

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